Stories behind the Hotels

Hotels where all come to experience different lifestyle, one that you do not get at your home and to breathe different air when you visit a different country. But what we do not know is that some of make the most unforgivable sins and mistakes of their lives. But who are we to judge, especially if you are just an employee in one of these Hotels.

Its now been two years i have been employed in the Hotel industry. It’s been exhausting but worth it at times. The stories you get to hear and you have to forward to the management or sometimes, you find these stories too childish that you decide to just lend a helping hand not expecting a price after.

Most of the old men, love the Hotels to enjoy their young birds – Nairobi ladies. Even the most prominent people. Men come with two-three girls, drinks, the touching and misbehaving not caring who’s watching or who’s listening. They become familiar faces in the Hotel for their daily visits and they are known by the entire staff. We have to treat them like loyalty. They have that specific room that no other guest should be given to. Sometimes, they would call to reserve the room, especially during the weekends. remember the girls they are coming with are different everyday. Know to be men in their 40’s or even older, its clear that they are married and have family. Some even have the guts to leave their valuables at the Reception; wedding ring, wallets, expensive watches and other things simply because Nairobi ladies are Gold diggers and thieves.

I have experienced different gay/lesbians coming to make a booking. Not judging. The gay couples mostly were white men and black men and the lesbian team came mostly black to black. There was a gay couple that was also familiar to the Hotel premises. An old white man and young black man, they looked like they met in Coast because the black man was too fluent with the Kiswahili accent of Mombasa. But he seemed proud in what he was doing. He knew that we know, but that did not bother him. He was proud of who he was and I am not in a position to judge.

Some of the guest who come to visit Kenya, and the period comes and they want, ‘some some’ – alil pleasure. They would approach the Reception and ask if we could call a taxi to bring him any girl from the streets or he would ride with the taxi and the taxi should take him to the Nairobi areas where he could pick up a girl. And you wonder surely why? But men have been created different and I cannot judge. These are the men who leave all there valuables at the reception because of theft. Not knowing where this lady is from and who he is.

Am not going to leave the women out, the rich and independent women, mostly in there 40’s also used to come with their young boys to enjoy themselves. I have seen a young boy the age of 19 -22 years old walk in with an old woman. She was mostly in her mid 40’s or 50’s but she looked good. She definitely knows how to take care of herself. We do take ID’S and passport of the guests, so i do know what am talking about.

But anyways, only God can Judge. I cannot.

There are so many untold stories but what do we do as employees, as long as i get my payroll at the end of the month.





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