My Neighbor’s Love life- Part 1 (The Perfect Match)

Love feels good. Love comes with a kind of intoxication that only love can conquer. Love is deep. Love is true. Love is wild among other things.

My Neighbors Love Life, its a relationship story of a friend, whom I will refer to as Shamina, not her real name. We’ve been friends forever and she always narrated her love story to me. It was like I was part of the triangle because through the arguments and disagreement, my number was always on speed dial.  Shamina does not know that am sharing this but she will be forgiving. Hopefully! or it will be a lost friendship.

Shamina has always been the die-hard romantic girl for the years I have known her. Whether it was watching shows, movies or music, her type of genre was always romance or drama. She always wanted to be loved, to be cared for and wanted. I came to find out that the love she craved for was too deep because her parents did not give her any attention. She says she used to get everything she wanted  from her family but still felt like it was not enough. Her mother moved on after a separation and as young as she was, it tormented her. Not having her mother by her side. She lived with her dad who was never there for her either. He worked late night.. Coming home late and he did not care much if Shamina was in the house or not.

On to the matter;

Knowing Brian

I think it was during her form two term in high school, when she first met Brian (not the boyfriend’s real name) who was way older than her, kido 28 at that time. She was 18 then. Their friendship started like any other. During mid term sessions, she was never seen home. When school closed, she would even go M.I.A on me during the weekdays as I was going to campus and only call to use me as an allaby to get away from home on weekends saying she’s at my place.

Getting Closer

Most of the time was spent with each other. We were like the three musketeers. Actually, four. One thing I forgot to mention, Shamina was younger than me, I was 20 at that time and I was dating her cousin (who was the same age as me). That’s how I got close to Shamina. The cousin though did not like her dating Brian but he had to accept because I loved Shamina like a younger sister, we had become so close. So if the Cousin wanted me, he had to be good. Girl Power!  Anyways, as Shamina got to know Brian better, she was very impressed by him. He was very smart and capable, one of the smartest person she knew then. They clicked intellectually, in a way I had never seen her before. First love does something to all of us. He was amazingly humble. He never spoke about them until he was asked, and even then he wouldn’t talk much. His kindness also won me over. He had a heart of gold. I never once remembered him expressing negative intent of any sort towards anyone. I guess that’s how older men are, we thought at that time.

To top it off, Brian would treat her in a special way. He was very sweet to her. He would always do her stuff, rain or shine. When she was down and out, he was there with her, listening and supporting in a quiet manner. She even forgot that I was her best-friend. She got engulfed in the older-man vibe.

Developing Feelings

Brian’s behavior toward her was beyond just “good friends”. There was something about the things he did, the words he said, his behavior around her. I definitely know the difference between behavior that is nice and behavior that is romantic. His actions towards her were clearly more romantic than anything she ever heard or seen, and different from how he acted toward other girls too. When we talked, he hinted about liking her, saying things such as how he liked looking at her, being with her, kissing her.  Me being the best friend, I would always tell her.  He made promises to her, such as he will be there for her and will always hold her down.  He said no matter what happened, he would never let her get hurt. And so on. Just like in the movies, she believed. Young soul meeting an older soul was amazing for her.

Because of that, I really thought Brian liked Shamina. We would discuss him when it was just the two of us and I could see how Shamina was sprung. First love symptoms was consuming her every bone. Going deep. I guess the older they are, the sweeter and more romantic they are.

Shamina was boisterous, hot-headed, blunt, inconsiderate, self-centered, critical and judgmental. He, on the other hand, was kind, caring, smart, capable, calm, composed, charismatic, patient, gentlemanly, sweet – the list could go on and on. Like it’s said, unlike poles attract because I hated when Shamina’s got her issues going on. Its like she was someone else. It was always hard to handle her when she was mad. But weirdly, he was able to control her freaky and crazy ass.

She thought she had finally found her soulmate and began to fall for him. But little did she know what awaits for her. My poor Shamina…

Await for Heartbreak and Sadness….Part 2


4 thoughts on “My Neighbor’s Love life- Part 1 (The Perfect Match)

  1. Anne

    This story is verry intresting. I love your wide ideas and that you are expressing yourself. Cant wait for part two.. am anxious…..hehe


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