My Neighbor’s Love life -Part 2 (Heartbreak and Sadness)

Giving someone you heart is the same way as giving a thief the keys to your house.

Shamina decided to quit high school for Brian. To be with Brian.  We all tried to  advice her but seemed like love had taken control of her brains. She moved on to stay with him and we did not see her for a year or more.  Her non-caring parents thought her school routine was still the same because during holidays and mid-terms, she would call and say she was at her aunties or came up with an excuse; school trip. But when she got time she would go home once in a while to visit. The school fees was always sent to Shamina by her parents but never got to school.  Her parents just did not care, they did not confirm anything from school. They never used to attend her school functions or concerned whether she’s doing good or not. No wonder she did not care much about school.

I think it was on my birthday 3 years ago, when i got a text message from Shamina. ‘Happy Birthday Girlfriend. You know I still love you and I really need to talk to you. Am in Nairobi. Something has happened.‘ Well definitely with that kind of tone even without hearing her voice, i knew she was in trouble. We planned to meet. At that time, I had broken up with her cousin because he couldn’t tolerate Brian being around and the support I was giving Shamina on dating an older guy. He must have thought I would be likely to do the same thing. Anyways…

When we met, Shamina had lost so much weight. She used to be the big-booty kinda girl, chubby cheeks and a healthy human being. But all that was gone. Her big-booty had disappeared. It was like it was chopped off. You could see her cheek bones clearly and even the sweater she was wearing was too free on her. Which I have seen on her before. I would know the difference between losing weight through exercise and losing weight because of stress or how many lemons life has given you.

The Truth

Love -Trendy

When she quit school, Brian took her to Mombasa and Shamina thought she had started her fairy tale kinda life. She never cared much about home because she was never wanted. So the far away she was from home, she was peaceful and happy. A phone call once a month would do. Brian treated her like a queen and they lived a kinda-lavish life. The life better than how she was brought up. Someone was there to take care of her. Something she always craved for.“You know, all along I had thought the word “heartbreak” was just a metaphor to describe deep sadness. I didn’t realize it was an actual descriptor.” Shamina said. I would never forget those words from her.

Brian got her pregnant before they left for Mombasa and that’s why i think Shamina quit high school. The shame. The embarrassment. Her friends. She did not want to go through that. Plus she was only 19 then. The thought of taking care of the baby, the expenses and all. She was just not ready. I forgot to mention one thing, from My Neighbor’s Love life- Part 1 (The Perfect Match) the way I have described Brian, you must be thinking he was the old rich men with expensive cars, clothes and watches. The sponsor type? No! Brian was an average Kenyan Man.  He had a small kajob  ya kuuza nguo in Nyali, Pwani. It was doing okay at that time because when he would come to Nairobi,  he would take us out; drinks and lunch and the bills got paid.

Back to the story,

So Brian was not ready for a baby too. But later Shamina came to find out that he had another family with two kids. That was why he did not want another baby. That did not make Shamina leave him. He convinced her that he does not see the other family. Which over the years they were together, they never argued about it. Shamina had learned to trust him completely. They both planned for Shamina’s pregnancy to be aborted. Shamina almost died.

Early 2013, after the abortion, Brian lost his small kajob. All the kinda- lavish life they were used to, came to a stop. Brian had debts. He was late on house rent and also the shop rent. He paid the house rent with the little he had saved and they were given a due date for the balance. The shop was closed by city council. With no income, no food that sometimes they would sleep hungry. Brian was frustrated and turned to alcohol, weed and ‘kuchana miraa’ really bad. Not that he never used to, it got out of hand. Eyes blood shot 24/7/365, ragged clothes, one cheek pulled out because of the ‘taksin’ (Miraa chewing residue), and thinner (that’s the vision i got of him).  Any man in that state would do the unthinkable. Coming home late night or just not coming home at all. But he was never abusive nor violent to Shamina. That’s what kept Shamina going. He was still the  kind and humble guy she meant 2 years then.

Maybe….Maybe…..maybe. 1,001 Maybes that Love is Blind and Love conquers all. Because no matter the circumstance, Shamina stuck by him through it all. She loved him more than her own life. Until she found out something……

What Shamina told me next, shocked me too much.

Await for My Neighbor’s Love Life – Part 3 (The Curse)The final part.





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