My Neighbor’s Love Life – Part 3 (The Curse)

No going back. There is only forward.”

After our lunch date, one of the terrific Tuesdays at Pizza Inn, oil libya, we decided to walk to Lunar Park. At that time, Lunar park was in Westlands, off Parklands Road, near visa oshwal academy. A ‘Miraa and Sheesha joint’. Shamina got influenced by Brian to ‘Miraa Chanaing‘ and she was craving. I have known Shamina for over 5 years now. We’ve seen each other’s good and bad sides. We’ve been there for each other through the heart breaks and the almost fairy tales, the struggles of life and the best parts of life. It has never been easy but well, we almost made it. We are still trying to make it. And we will make it.

Shamina had a ring on her engagement finger. She was not married to Brian but he gave her as a promise ring. For her age at that time, she felt it was the important thing anyone has ever done for her. She believed in the words Brian told her. Every time she talked, I noticed she kept removing the ring and putting it back on. It was like she was confused on what step to take next and the ring had all the answers. If she removes it, the memories will be gone and if she kept wearing it, it means she still wants to hold on to the good memories.

Brian remained in Mombasa when Shamina came to Nairobi. She was staying with her aunty in Embakasi before she contacted me. She had been in Nairobi for 2 weeks, which were not easy days, she drained her thoughts into a depression state.

The Hard Times

In My Neighbor’s Love life -Part 2 (Heartbreak and Sadness) Brian had gone into a drinking spree to a point he could not control himself. Him not coming home always was part of the reason Shamina is in Nairobi. When they moved to Mombasa, Brian had introduced Shamina to his friends as his wife. Most of the men nowadays would not do that for any girl. Even when they claim to love you. Stupid love! Anyways, Brian’s friends were his age but ‘walipenda raha sana’. Like High School ‘hoodrats’ . Whether weekdays or weekends. Whether full moon or half moon, they had to be somewhere drinking and ‘Miraa chewing‘. It was because of Shamina that Brian left the group. He preferred staying home with his wife. He loved her company and loved helping her cook. What a sexy man! A man who loves cooking? I would definitely go down on one knee and propose. Most men still live in the stone-aged period that they cannot even pour water for a lady in a glass. The lady has to do it all.

When life took a wrong turn, lost job, a drinking boyfriend, Shamina was still holding on until one day when she was washing clothes outside, the Landlord walked into the house and just started throwing things outside. They had few things in the house because Brian would sell some things in the streets to at least bring food on the table or ‘Miraa’ since both of them were addicted. Not remembering he had a huge rent balance and the Landlord was being nice to let them stay.

As the landlord threw things out, he told her, ‘Mtu wako alikuwa mkora sana. Alishikwa jana usiku, ako ndani'( Your boyfriend is in jail). Shamina had a feeling that would have happened because 4 to 5 months before she came to Nairobi, Brian’s friend, Rehema, who was also Shamina’s close friend at that time, invited them to her house for a drink-in one weekend which became a routine. Rehema’s house became their new home to a point that when Rehema goes to work, she would leave the keys in a hidden place for them. They would camp in even for a whole week. This was normal until one day, Rehema came home to no television, DVD recorder and laptop. Her first suspects were Brian and Shamina. Rehema reported to the police but when they went to Brian’s house, they both had gone to another friend’s house in Malindi. Coincidentally, that night, Brian was the ‘bill payer’. Buying drinks for everyone. It’s like he had it planned. Selling the items was not a ‘hustle’. But that was not the reason he was in jail. Rehema later moved out, cut friendship with them but am sure she prayed badly for them because they denied. Shamina knew he was the one who stole the things but because she still loved him, she kept it to herself. Talk about love portion doing magic. ‘Or was it majuju za Mombasa?’

The Bitter Truth

Rumors spread in the estate that Brain was in jail because of having sex with a 16 year old girl in the girl’s parent’s house. Brian had grown up in a ghetto region in Nyali (not badly off) and he was properly known from the usual hanging out areas, the crew he had to the clubs he went to. Mention ‘Brian Kunte’ (not his real second name) you would be told about him. That is how the rumors got to Shamina. She did not want to know how he met that girl, what happened and from then she just switched off completely. She called a friend, went to stay with her for a while as she thinks of what to do. After two days, Brian was taken to court and Shamina went for the hearing. “My Dear Shamina, why aren’t you giving up on this guy? my thoughts. Why are you going for the hearing? What more proof do you need?”

Brian had a big case file. Him having sex with the 16 year old girl was not the first time. Pervert! He was also accused of theft and it was not the first time he was in jail. That was shock to Shamina. In My Neighbor’s Love life -Part 2 (Heartbreak and Sadness) Shamina was sure that Brian never talked to the other girl. The girl who was raising his two kids. But on the court day, she was there with the two kids. Shamina came to find out that Brian married the girl and the reason he was not part of the family was that, when he went to jail the first time over theft accusations, and was out, he just never returned back home. That’s when he came to Nairobi, to start all over and met Shamina. So the girl with his kids never knew where he was, whether he was dead or not.

Why did you even go for that hearing, My Shamina?? 

After the hearing, Shamina definitely made up her mind, and decided to come back home. I assumed the ‘juju’ that was put on her was over. For the 2 weeks she was staying with her aunty, she visited a doctor because she was having severe headaches, joint pains and uncomfortably. Shamina was pregnant and HIV+ (THE CURSE).

“For the first time, I felt my heart, break. Here was the guy who promised me he would never let me get hurt, who said he would earn my trust, who said he would always be there for me, whom I trusted with all my heart. He turned out to be the same guy who hurt me the most. My heart felt like it had cracked and broken into different pieces. I felt both emotional pain and physical pain in my heart.” Shamina’s words.

“My Dear Friend,  if only you listened to our advice. But I can’t blame you, you can’t argue with the heart.”


The reason why I decided to share this story is because here is this young girl who had never fallen in love before, not knowing how love works, falls for a man who’s way experienced than her. Who has seen life and lived life more than her. As she gave herself completely, her body, mind and soul, trusting him completely, he never thought of telling her the bitter truth. She will have to live her life with regrets and maybe never fall in love again. Who would love you if you are the virus? Not the men for nowadays.

Ladies, be careful with who you trust, who you give yourself to, who you sacrifice your time for and who you choose to believe.

If you wondering where Shamina is, she’s well with her daughter just living life day by day and one step at a time.









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