The Questions.

The Voice Inside

What is life when you have to fight to survive, when you are constantly knocked down when you are trying to get up, when things finally start to go well and then fall six feet under, when they tell you to try harder when that is all you have been doing?

What is life when you try to fit in but you still stick out like a sore thumb, when you try to be normal but still seem like a weirdo.

What is life when you hide in books because it is so much better than reality, when the music you listen to is actually the words you want to say, when you do well in something but you still get put down.

What is life when all you think is why? why can’t I be normal? why me? why don’t the see, why can’t I be like them? Why am I still here? Why? Why do I keep fighting and fighting?

What is life when you start to lose hope that things will be all right, when you start to believe that maybe they are right?

What is life when all you hear at night is them? when the words they growing at you stab like knives, when the people you class as friends feel like strangers, when you constantly question what you say.

What is life when “what ifs” are always there, when  the walls you build are never ending, when you block everything and everyone out, when you pretend not to see and say and do, when rather blend into the wall then be verbally assaulted.

What is life when you are constantly scared, when you build a bridge and they knock it down, when those you trust turn around and stab you in the back, when those you call close treat you like shit.

What is life when the people you love don’t care about you, when people ask if your OK and  you don’t know what that means anymore, when you pretend to be someone else just to be noticed.

What is life when you hide things yet pray for someone to see or find them, when you purposely walk across the road wanting to be hit.

What is life when you just don’t want to keep going, when all you feel is hurt and pain..

What is that kind of lie?


If you can get up and do it one day, you can do it again and if you have done it two times, you can do it a third and a fourth and a fifth and again and again, just take each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year as it comes and you will get through it.




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