Girls are players – We just don’t know it.

Boys will be boys” is a frequently used phrase – but no one ever really talks about how girls will be girls.

Girls are taught at a young age how to get what they want. We are told that when boys are mean, they like us. Really? Is this true? Why be mean to someone you claim to love? Would you stay in an abusive relationship or marriage because you think his doing that out of love or like? – Go figure!

We are told that being pretty will get you pretty far in life. So do your hair, put on your make up, and always looking your best. We are taught that we hold a special power over men. That is how you get what you want from your man. 

And although we are still often treated as the lesser sex, we do hold a lot of power. A lot of us have learned to harness that power in order to not be the lesser sex.

Yet the boys that will be boys are always the ones that are called out for playing games. For being a player, a bad guy, a phony.

But we all do it – girls just do it in a trickier way.

We don’t openly go around flirting with others and cheating on people and flaunting our power – we do it slyly. Except for some girls who play games out loud and announced, the so called ‘socialite’ who do it in a different way. Posting nudity on social media for attention. Or the girls who are missing something in there lives, Whatever it is, they have to find it.  Or the ones who are still trying to find themselves. For some girls we gain all our power through quiet games instead of loud movements

But I understand that once a girl finds herself, knows what she wants, good career, and has a very good man who is good to her. Trust me, she will settle and she will love, not play games.

It’s exhausting though, to always feel you have to be a certain way to get the attention you need. To be constantly playing games because it’s our only chance of survival. Guys play games for fun  – we play them just to even the playing field.

Whether you know it or not – you’re probably a player. Any time you’re trying to level yourself out by upping your game and being someone other than yourself to get what you want – you’re being a player. It may not be a bad thing, because it may be necessary. But just remember your true self is great, too, and when you get tired of playing you can just be yourself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.



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