When they thought I was crazy -Part 1

When I met him and we became good friends, he never showed any signs of ‘craziness’. According to Wikipedia, (Insanity, craziness, or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including a person becoming a danger to themselves or others.)

But he was not like that. He was normal. He would never harm anyone or harm himself. He was the sweetest, kind and humble being I had ever met. 

We got close, talked about our lives, always meeting up for lunch dates and drinks as friends. We did not take things to another level because he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend, we were more of best friends. We connected in a great way and that’s when he told me about his life story.

Simon was brought up by a single mother, but as his mother went away to look for greener pastures, he had to stay with his grand parents in Kiambu. Through primary, he schooled in Kiambu and when he got to high school, his mother had gotten something through her hard work and brought him back to Nairobi. He attended a boarding high school somewhere in Langata. His mother struggled so much to see him through school. 

Simon then went to a very popular University in Nairobi. Met nice, simple and outgoing friends. His life in University was all about drinking and enjoying girls as all the boys do at that age. He struggled through his University life, trying to fit in. Fit in with friends who had cars and always had more money than him. His mother would only give him, Kshs. 300 per day and he had to divide between transport, lunch, drinks and the girls. Campus life is truly hard. But we all have to try to fit in.

Simon met this young beautiful lady. She had her on problems going on and Simon was able to comfort her and she thought he was the one. So they decided to title their relationship. ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’. He moved in with her into the hostel and all day, all night was drinking. Simon would go to classes drunk and sometimes miss some of the classes. Their relationship got wild, there was fighting, abuses and a lot of arguments. She slept with different men and he also did the same, slept with different women. It became a toxic relationship especially when it lead to fighting. They would hurt each other. Black eyes, scratches, high heeled wounds. It was bad. 

The relationship did not last.

After University, Simon tried out different jobs. Selling second-hand clothes, Coffee merchandise and Electrons. It did not work for him. At this time, his mother had struggled and worked day in, day out to build her empire. She had come up with a million dollar idea which boosted her to where she is at the moment. It’s called strength of a woman. That’s when Simon decided to join her to keep building the family empire.

And then it all started. The enemies, the haters, the Toxic Friends, the frustration and the struggles which led Simon to rehab. They thought he was crazy. They pushed him to Rehab.




Await for ‘When they thought I was crazy -Part 2’.


Written by Doreen Eshinali



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