When they thought I was crazy – Part 2

 When they thought I was crazy -Part 1, is the first chapter. 

As he started the journey with his mother, it was not easy for him. He was not working hand in hand with her. He was given his own ground to start from scratch. He faced a lot of challenges, dealing with different and older people. People who were more experienced in that industry. People who did not like the fact that he was young and he was stepping into the industry and doing good. He got trust-worthy customers, rich men and women who brought him good deals pulling up his business. They felt like they should support him because he was a young man just starting off. They were impressed by his hard work. His mother was shocked on how good he was doing.

Simon worked so hard and within the first year, he bought his first car, even though it wasn’t his dream car, it was better than using a ‘matatu’. He then moved out from home and become an independent man. Actually, he did not move out because he wanted to, his mother chased him out to prove to herself that her boy has become a man.

This is the time I met him. Simon was still drinking and this time it was worse than University period. He was able to buy the expensive liquor that other rich kids would buy in University because he was always jealous of them and he really wanted to drink what they drunk, dress how they dressed and drive. When he got the money, he went ‘ham’ in all areas. At Uni, he could only afford ‘Napolean’ or ‘Blue moon’ with a packet of ‘Sportsman Cigarettes’. And before this was bought, they had to plan for days with his friend. If they had planned to drink on a Thursday night, with his 300 bob he had to sacrifice 100/= everyday to save for that Thursday night. All his friends had to do the same, so that when Thursday comes, they ball. Boys Strategy to impress women. Going on a strike hunger. LOL!

Simon’s job was doing so good, his dressing became different and he changed his social life, the club he went to were not the same as the old days. He met new friends but they were not the loyal kind of friends. They used him, they manipulated him to do things for them,to lend them money with no refunds. But at that time, Simon did not see that his friends were using him, he wanted that kind of company and he felt okay about it. 

At work, people got too jealous of him. They thought why is this young man coming into this business and taking over so fast? Why is he doing better than us? Why has he bought another car? Because after his first car, he stayed with it for a few months and he bought another one which was bigger.So these people thought his on the wrong and that he must be doing something wrong. Why so successful in one year? Yet they have tried so much and nothing? 

Their problem was when his mother started off, she started with most of them. They encouraged each other and motivated each other. But Simon’s mum, had better ideas and greater ambitions. So she decided to save money and start her own business. These people did not know that, so when they saw she had grown higher in terms of money, the cars she drove, how her business was booming, they became jealous and decided to take it out on her son. Simon’s mum is a religious woman and all the tactics her enemies tried to use on her couldn’t get to her.

They said wrong things, some coming to him with fake business deals with an intention of ruining his career. Some of them have seen Simon grow up and so they know his weakness and how to get to him. Simon is that kind of a person who lets what people say to him and what people do to get deep to his mind. 

But we all knew this people were jealous of his success.

I remember when I got a call from him

Him: Doreen, something is happening? 

Me: What is happening? 

Him: Am going home and there’s a car following me? When I take a turn, it turns too and when I slow down it does the same too? When I let it overtake, it doesn’t overtake.

Me: What? What car? Why? Tell me the number plate? Just in case of anything. 

This car followed Simon and almost made him cause an accident. It followed him to every corner he took. Simon drove at 140 km/hr to try and get away from them but they were also coming at the same speed. He drove so fast and went to park in an estate his known. He thought if he drove all the way to home, they would know where he lived. 

This traumatized Simon so much, he was in shock because if it wasn’t for God, at the speed he was driving, anything could have happened. And the worst part is what did this people want from him? What if they got to  him, what would they have done? Were they carjackers or his enemies at work? He was not able to answer himself.

From then, Simon lost interest in work. He stopped going to work and he couldn’t even leave the house. Not even to buy water, match box, gum or anything. He would rather sleep hungry but not even peep through the window. When I would go to visit him, that’s when I would open the windows of the house, buy food or a drink. This went on for almost 2 weeks. He felt his life was at risk and there was someone who wanted to get rid of him. He drunk day and night to bring his thoughts of the car incident to an end. He had so many unanswered questions. He accused everyone he knows, even me. But I don’t blame him. He was scared to meet people because he thought everyone wanted a piece of him. His thoughts drove him to a point he thought he was going crazy. 

I remember he told a story of how when he started working there, 3 to 4 months, he hired a girl who almost killed him. She would pretend she has gone to buy food and serve it for Simon but instead she puts something in it. Poisoning him slowly. One day when Simon ate the food, the pain he felt in his stomach was unbearable. He felt like he was paralyzed on one side. It hurt so much, he almost died. But God and his mother’s prayers did wonders for him. Even though he spent 2 weeks in hospital, he was better than before. That girls aim was to get rid of Simon, so that she runs the business and she is able to steal as much as she wants. To bring his business down. It’s like she was sent by someone.

This terrified him more and he just wanted to get away from everything, go somewhere, where nobody knows him. Somewhere he cannot connect with the outside world.

All they wanted was to scare him, make him think his going crazy and get rid of him. They did not want him there. So that’s when Simon went to rehab. 

Await for ‘When they thought I was Crazy – Part 3 -Rehab’






Written by Doreen Eshinali


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