Lifetime- Part 1 (In God’s Eyes)

Hi Guys, I hope your August is good. We should thank God for being alive because so many would have wanted to see this month but they couldn’t. Appreciate God for that. I thought I should share this random post to share what I think about life, our society, what life has taught me and what I believe in.

For those who follow me on word press, it might appear on your email’s twice but it’s because I had already written it but I think I deleted it by mistake.

Dear readers, 

This world was created by the most powerful God. He created anything that exist today. God created human, individually. Individually meaning we are meant to be different. Personalities are not similar. Bodies are different, emotions are different. We are not the same. 

But the generation of 2015/2016 is interesting. In our generation no one does anything independently. We follow the leader. The only leader we should be following is God, and if its not God we are following we should start our own path.

God doesn’t want us to be ugly, to our kind. Only God knows the definition of what perfect is. We are not perfect. As long as mistakes are still being made, you are not perfect





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