Lifetime – Part 2 (Perception of People)

We are surrounded by billions of people. Different races and cultures. Knowing the fact, we aren’t all the same. Different opinions are made each and everyday. So we will always disagree.

The main focus of our generation is appearance. We have been lied to by social media and television.Women that are size 4, are modified as the pretties. Perfect teeth, perfect waist line, perfect hair, perfect legs. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Through women eyes, if they aren’t as perfect as women that are size 4, they aren’t pretty at all. Photoshopping is very popular, and most women that are size 4, may not all be perfect. Us that aren’t a size 4 feel ashamed, because males look at us different. Males want females to be perfect as can be.

The only way to be beautiful in this generation is if you meet males need. If you don’t meet the needs, you are looked upon different. Appearance doesn’t defy us, what’s on the inside does.

Stereotypes are super common. Racism is well known problem in this world. As far back to the BC, if you weren’t Caucasian, you were looked down at. You were treated poorly. If you have watched the series (ROOTS),  you must know. It teaches a lot. Stereotypes can also be about race, gender, looks etc.

On this Earth there are over a billion people. Different personalities. Most commonly rude. Only a few are sweet. People don’t understand that commentary can hurt peoples feelings. Family issues can change attitudes. Previous things occurring, can change attitudes. Anything can change a persons attitude. But commentary is the main way.


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