Are all girls the same?

Okay, we are all people. We are all human beings. But we don’t look alike, we don’t think alike, we don’t see a alike, we don’t walk alike and we don’t have the same struggles in life.

So when guys say ‘all girls the same’I think this is completely wrong. Unless you have met every single girl in the world. Every girl is different in their own way.

Girls also say ‘guys are the same’ but I do not agree. You might have not met the one or you say that because you have been in an abusive relationship. 

There are girls that are healthy, eat good and are beautiful. Some struggle in their everyday lives at school, at work, at home and other environment because they are called ugly and have low self esteem. They are bullied and depressed.

There are those that prefer to sell and display nude photos and sex tapes on social media for money. They are judged, some abused but they do not mind. They feel that’s okay for them. They feel they are doing right and they like it. We cannot judge them because we do not know where they are coming from.

Some girls would not even leave the house with a crop top and a short skirt. They prefer to be covered from head to toe. Not necessarily the Muslim girls but they just do not like to display it all out there. Maybe it’s the way they have been brought up.

Some girls would never date younger men or guys their age, they prefer to date an older age. But some girls find it gross dating older men. If its old, then maybe 5 years older than them. 

Some girls prefer party, drinks and night club life. But some prefer to stay home, reading, travelling or Netflix.

Some girls know how to love that one person. But some girls love to play the game. 

Some are girls are so damn good in bed, some just don’t know what they are doing. Clueless!

Some girls love tattoos, piercings and a crazy hairdo, some don’t. 

The list goes on.

Who are you to judge? Men, am talking to you. Get to know someone first. Don’t compare the girl you love with what other girls are doing. 

We might looks the same nowadays. Straightened black hair, false eyelashes, badly plucked eyebrows, too much foundation, cleavage always hanging out, ‘duck-faced’ facial expression in every photo. Especially on facebook, Instagram and Snapchats but we think differently from each other. We might have the same opinions on somethings but actions are different.

Just because the girls who have come your way are messed up, you cannot compare them with me? Because I have my road to walk. My own journey and my purpose in life. I have my own struggles. Just because I have tattoos, piercings; nose ring, belly ring and tongue ring, am a wild child. No am not! We have non-tattooed girls who are wild.

The society has made guys think that all girls are the same. Well, we also think guys are the same but am sure we both see a difference in the guys that come our way. But no matter how these guys come and leave, I live by Faith and Forgiveness. Faith to know that trouble don’t last always and Forgiveness to know that you can also make mistakes and that is okay. That is life! So forgive and move on. Not Revenge. I believe in Karma. 

So, girls don’t compare yourself to another girl or her life. Neither should you let someone compare you to another girl. When you die, no one will say she was a nice girl or a bad girl! She had tattoos or not. She slept with older men or not. 

You are your own being. Just Live Life whichever way. 

Only you and your conscious know what is right for you and what is wrong.





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