Right now I love: Ankara and Sneakers

The Joy of Ankara and Sneakers. A lot of us spent our childhood wearing air Jordan and sneakers, so we are no strangers to the fact that sneakers can be more handy and comfortable.

Ankara and sneakers is fairly new, and since there are no rules and boundaries everyone is wearing sneakers with anything and this includes the Ankara fabric. No matter the Ankara style, whether its a feminine frock or a sporty chic wear, when you pair it with the right sole (footwear) you are guaranteed to earn major style points for your creativity. I have this type of wear mostly at the ‘KOROGA FESTIVAL’ and ‘BLANKETS AND WINES’ events in Nairobi Kenya

Right now I love; Ankara and Sneakers. Cool ways you can rock the Ankara and sneakers trend;











Photo Credits; Pinterest (Girls in Ankara and Sneakers)

In response to Discover ChallengeOuter Layers


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