Lifetime- Part 3 (Family & Friends)

Family members are suppose to be there for you. Support you and love you. Family is the best thing anyone can have. The showing of love can lighten a persons mood anytime.

Many people don’t have family members. Family that’s no longer around. Death is a high risk of families falling apart. Drama. Divorce. Anything that can break a family apart is powerful.

The golden rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Someone being fake to you, is not a friend.

They want your undivided attention to know that someone cares. When really they couldn’t care any less about you. These types of people lie to your face.

Deceive you. Hurt you. They will also laugh with you. Cry with you. Smile to you. These people change their minds quickly, and easily.

You could feel so loved, and the next second so alone. They drop you instantly. Turn their backs on you. They talk behind your back. Ya’ll can be on the same page, and instantly they change their mind. They show signs of being wishy wishy.

The friends that actually love you make you happy the most. They make you smile. They treat you like you mean something to the world. They don’t change their minds easily. They are totally opposite of a person that’s fake.


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