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Wether it’s opposite sex, or same sex. No matter your sexually, you are attracted to someone. 

First it starts as a crush, when you like someone you cannot stop thinking about them. They are on your mind all day, everyday. Non-stop. You love them no matter what. The downfall of a crush is you don’t know if they like you or not.

Then it might move to dating. you both like each other. Its past crushing. The thing about dating is they make you happy. They make you smile, and just make your heart skip beats. You care about them so much, you would do anything for them. Not all people are faithful and committed while dating. They lie and cheat. They decide that the person that they are with make them happy but they don’t want to take the time to tell the person they are dating that.

They decide to hide, lie, and do anything in their power so that person won’t find out. If you are unhappy, breaking up is always a good idea. If the person’s feeling are hurt imagine how they feel when they find out you were cheating.

Then it might move to marriage. Once you  make this wise decision this means that you have found your soulmate and partner in crime. They want to grow old together. Cheating can also occur during marriage, but that leads to a more fatal decision divorce. However, cheating is not the only reason people get divorced. They may be unhappy. Abused. Neglected. no love.

With Love,





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