My Pastor asked me to stay, pray for marriage

Hey Guys, Look at this picture? It happened this August 2016. 


Is this love? Is this what our churches should be telling us to fight for? Look at the topic on the paper? ‘My pastor asked me to stay, pray for the marriage.’ Is this even normal? Which kind of a pastor told her this? 

27 year old Jackline Mwende hands were chopped of by her husband, (picture right below). Reason, she couldn’t bare him children. Doctors confirmed that he is infertile. I know all men around the world want to be with women who will bare them kids. But is this how it should be? What demons walk among-est us? What kind of brutality is this? Is this the kind or relationships/marriage we should fight for? Be abused and go to church and pray? NO! NO! Women no matter how illiterate you are, you should not allow a man to brutally abuse you this much.

Let’s talk about this and how the modern day rendition of Christianity continues to fail its followers in the face of real life situations.

I’m calling it; ‘Pray for it’ alone is NOT a solution. And we have to stop perpetuating this delusion.

Abuse often isn’t an overnight thing. It grows. It starts off with shouting, demeaning comments, threats and these grow into physical confrontations that lead to such.

Now for a society that proclaims itself to be largely Christian, there’s a problem. Men and women are facing situations of abuse in their relationships and marriages, and our default reaction is to accuse the victim of overreacting, telling them to hang in there (‘vumilia’) and pray.

This entire time, we let the abuser get away withe every form of abuse as it continues to escalate, eventually feigning concern when the situation arrives at an unfortunate peak such as death. I’m calling it bullshit!

The signs of abuse are there. This ‘Vumilia’ thing being perpetuated is a lie that’s destroying more lives than it needs to. Lies. Utter Nonsense.

And yes, I deliberately call out the church, because it’s by far the biggest culprit of victim blaming and victim shaming in cases of abuse.

That’s my stand!




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