Mind is Everything. What you think you become.

Hi Lovelies,  

If you read my series ‘When they thought I was Crazy’Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 you will figure out why I decided to write on this topic. This is a message to a handsome soul Simon and to all the beautiful people out there. You cannot allow your mind to lose you.

“Mind is Everything. What you think you become”

You can think yourself into depression. You can think your way into stress. You can think yourself into misery and frustration. There’s so much power in the mind that you give yourself credit for.

When you wake up every morning, think happy thoughts. Hang around and consume yourself with happy things and people. You will find yourself feeling like your moves and energy is better.

We are all a working progress, trying to climb away into the spiritual ladder. Do better. Be better. Trying our best not to put our hands and legs on obvious land mines and making mistakes. No one is perfect. Remember that, Nobody is perfect.

I just want to remind you of the Power of Mind. You can create the outcome of your hour, your week, your month and your year. You just have to decide in your mind what you want it to be. 

Some of ya’ll are struggling with depression, being sad and being in this blue funk and you just can’t shake it off. I thank God that, it’s not me. But I do know and I recognize that it does exist. But there’s more in the mind that we give ourselves credit for. 

If your life and your surroundings is a nightmare while you are awake, those same nightmares are gonna continue until you are asleep. Because the mind doesn’t turn off. You can think yourself to sleep. You keep thinking and replaying the same shit over and over again in your mind and then your body will naturally feel the effects of what you’re creating in your mind.

A lot of you guys when in the receiving end of something, when you feeling vulnerable, disrespected and you are feeling the effect of losing; a family member, a best friend, a lover, your child, a car accident or maybe something that you witnessed. Dealing with the trauma can make it easier for the incident to keep playing in your mind over and over and over again.  

But if you change your mind, your life can change too.

Am still a working progress, I have my own issues and problems and situations that am working through but I do understand clearly that am much more further along than a lot of people and so when I write I feel am putting my hand out there, to relate and hope that you can relate to what I am saying. Because maybe you are going through the exact same thing.

Change your mind, decided that you love yourself enough to not surround yourself with people, things and situations that are continuing to narrow down this negative dis-functional train.

Here is a word I got from somebody that i look up to a lot, ‘Be kind to yourself. You actually doing the best you can’. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t drive yourself crazy. You actually doing the best you can.  

I can’t remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater because I stopped giving haters permission to affect my life, my day, my month and my year. If someone has something to say and it actually makes sense, it can make me grow, it’s mature, it can make me consider new thoughts and feelings then I will pay attention to you. But for people that go out of their way to try to reflect their negativity, their hate, their own life, frustrations out on me…I’ve disowned you. So you don’t have any effect on me and I want those people out there who can relate to join me.

There’s a mature way to listen to critics and criticism, feed backs, comments, inside information, hurt people, insecure people and negative people. Haters have a job to do. They hate but it doesn’t mean you gonna allow their intentions to affect you. Love yourself to created a force field away from negative people with negative intentions towards your life.

Am asking you to stop and think, your mind is a battlefield because there’s so much dis-function playing out in your mind and your physically experiencing the effects of your mind. Pray for it. You can be stressed, depressed, miserable, frustrated over things that God has given you clarity of. For all the things I pray for, I pray for clarity. When I get clarity is like a burn that gets lifted off my shoulder. I get to understand.

But it doesn’t mean that after you get clarity that whatever you going through is gonna go away but at least you going to feel the burn of the stress and physiological effects that has been happening on you get lifted off you.

There’s a lot of power in the mind and if you dint know that. I just wanted to make you aware of that.

I am very grateful, I have the mind, the body and spirit and the level of clarity that I have which makes my life better. I hope somebody out there receives this article. Tag whoever needs to see this message. Am fully committed in spreading love and whatever it is on every inside information I have. But I know not every message I write is for everybody.

I love you.






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