Mother and Daughter Relation -Part 2 (Getting Used to it)

My new series of the kind of relationship I had with my mother continues . Click here for Part 1

Rose couldn’t explain much about the pictures on the wall. And even though she could, I wouldn’t understand anyway.

Rose had her own two kids, a boy and a girl. I enjoyed spending time with her daughter, Caro. A loud, sweet and humble girl. I wonder how she is doing now. She is the one who got me through the sadness until when I was taken to boarding school. So far away from her. Yet again being ripped apart from someone I love.

Boarding School was tough. I was in class 2. I was very young. Not knowing how to speak ‘Kiswahili’ or English because I was used to mother tongue back at Shianda with my grandparents. So I had a hard time blending in. As young as I was, I had to learn to be on my own, make friends, wash my clothes, wake myself up for class and to do my homework on my own. No mother to help me on that part. It was really hard. But I learned to be strong at heart. I learned to be a fighter and a survivor. I learned to be on my own.

My Dorm Matron was called ‘Madam Gladys’, she loved me so so much. She cared for me because I was the littlest and she taught me so many things, sometimes she would wash my clothes. She was kind of my other mum. I remember she put my bed next to hers in the dorms and she would tell me stories to keep me going. Finally I got used to it and it once felt like home.

During visiting, remember the man who took me from my grandparents in Part 1, he was the one who used to come visit me. Brings me fruits and home made food from Rose. Talk to one or two teachers about my performance and then give Madam Gladys my pocket money. He never stayed more than 30 minutes. We were never close. We never talked much. So even though I had my own issues going on, I kept to myself.

During holidays, he would come pick me and I was reunited with Rose and Caro. They were my family.

It was until class six, when I took my first trip to Nairobi to meet my  father. I was excited. 8hours on the bus. I couldn’t even sleep. I wanted to see the world. I was so used to the village life that every thing new I saw, amazed me.

Finally, we arrived at ‘Riverside Drive, Chiromo’ in a two story house. A beautiful home, with a beautiful garden. A short, chocolate-skinned man walked down the stairs with a base ball cap on his head, a bottle of beer on one hand and newspaper on the other hand. He was not what I pictured but he was okay. He was in his 50’s or so, a little bit fat, no beard and his clothing was of rich stuff. He walked up to me, picked me up and hugged me. I had nothing to say but just look around and admire the house.

I stayed with him during my holidays in Class 6 and 7. And during this time, I met my new sisters. But they had also come to visit my dad. Remember in part 1, I mentioned that my dad’s wife wouldn’t like that my mother was pregnant with me. Well, she found out and I was the reason for their separation.

I came to find out that when my mother was pregnant with me, she was also pregnant with her last born girl. We were born the same year but different months. I was born in March 3rd 1991 and She was born in February 17th 1991. She’s two weeks older than me. If you are a wife and this happens to you am sure, you would walk away.

Our friendships as sisters was amazing, we were really close. For once I never thought of my grandparents. I was enjoying this new life. I remember how I used to cry so much when they left to go back to their mother. I would ask my dad, “Why can’t I go where they are going?”. But he never gave me an answer. He would let me cry until I was quiet.

During class 8 holidays, I couldn’t come for the holidays at my dad’s because his wife was around. So I was taken to another house in South B, Nairobi. I didn’t know I was going to meet another family, another sister and brother. Apparently my dad had another woman, and they had two kids, the young ones of the family. Am sure you are asking yourself, how my dad was a player? Yes he was. Those were the days polygamy was not big deal.

I stayed with them after my class 8 examination too waiting to be called to a secondary school. ‘South B’ was so much fun because they had a big family; several aunts and uncles, cousins. So I tagged along all their vacations and visits.

To be continued……






2 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Relation -Part 2 (Getting Used to it)

  1. ferddhie

    I can’t say I fully understand how you felt all those times being moved from one location to another but as someone who went to Boarding House at age 9, I can relate to the feeling of loneliness that you must have felt when you went to Boarding House the first time

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