Mother and Daughter Relation – Final Part (No regrets)

Final part of ‘Mother – Daughter Relations’ series Click here for Part 1Click here for Part 2Click here for part 3 and Click here for part 4

Am sure people out there have more problems than mine. But I thank God for where I am now. He has and still plays a big role in my life. Through His prayers I was able to see my mother again.

Some people will not understand why I say I struggled through growing up. Some will say, why does she feel sorry for herself yet she lived a better life than some of us. Yes, I grew up in a lavish home, with hot water, any kind of food, comfortable bed, getting anything I want and enjoying life. But the most harsh part was that my mother was suffering. I never knew her. I couldn’t help her. 

My father loved me and still loves me. Because of him, I am where I am. Because of him, I look the way I look. Most importantly, am educated. I do not see my father as just my dad but also my hero, my role model, a good Samaritan, heaven sent. Even if I was born out of wedlock, just a house girl’s child, he never let go. No matter what people told him. He believed that maybe I will be something. 

When I was in university, he told me how I should work hard to get that degree. To be able to help my mother someday. To be able to prove some people wrong. The family members that talked bad about my dad for sleeping with a house girl. Those that tried to tell my mother to abort so that I free my dad from the shame. Those that thought a house girl’s child will never make it.

What would I be if he did not take me away from Shianda?  I could have gone into early marriage, that’s one thing am sure of. Uneducated. Unemployed. Maybe get into an abusive relationship because in the village men treat women differently. Well, only God knows that path.

I love my mother more for what she did. She does not regret. She was wise enough to accept it and I thank my father for being patient with me. 

I live this life for my mother and father, I will always support them wherever I can and however I can. For as long as I live.

The End

Pretty Girl Rock I just patted my own back. 










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8 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Relation – Final Part (No regrets)

  1. The WheatandTares

    Wow. What an incredible story you have lived. What an incredible perspective and attitude you have chosen toward life and the people around you. I admire you for your optimism and determination to do well in life and succeed. God bless you.

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