Mother and Daughter relation – Part 3 (Meeting the other Family)

My father later moved to ‘Loresho Estate’ still in Nairobi. My childhood was never easy for me but people around me see this strong, sweet girl, living in a 5-bed-roomed house with my father and assume I have it all. I thank God for the life I have now but I missed out on the most important part, my mother’s love. I craved for that love more than anything in this world. I wished I had her around me.  

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High School was amazing. We all know that. I went to ‘Aga khan High School, Nairobi‘. But first I went to a school in Webuye, Eldoret county Kenya in form one. A Boarding School again. But during my last term in form one, my father sent me a letter telling me he wants to be close to me, for me to know him and that’s when I found myself in ‘Aga-Khan High School‘.

Not growing up knowing my father was hard. We were not close. If it wasn’t about school or education, we never talked much. But he would come for events that I would participate in school to support me, be concerned about my performance and give me my pocket money. In fact I never lucked anything when growing up. Anything I would ask, he would try so hard to give it to me. But when it came to my problems, my issues, we never spoke about them. I bottled them up to myself. 

At this time the wife was not leaving in Loresho, so I got to know the family.  From my dad’s first wife, who passed away before I was born, had 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl. Way older (Married now with kids). But I got to only meet the first born boy. The other’s have their lives going on in different states. From the second wife, he had the two sisters I talked about in Part 2. From my mother, am the only kid and from the last woman I also talked about in Part 2, he had 2 kids, boy and girl. In simple terms, my dad had 2 wives and 2 side-chicks with 8 children all together. 

The 4 young kids and I stayed with my dad with different house girls. But I stayed permanently with him because the others would come and go back to their mothers. At this time, I stopped crying when they left because slowly by slowly my father, started opening up to me about my life. This is why am able to write this story. I got to understand where I came from. Who I was. 

Living with half sisters and brothers is not fun. We never got along. My dad would favor some kids and forget about others, mostly me. It drove jealousy, hate and competition among us. But I learned that a parent never has the same love for all the kids. It did not bother me much because when I started learning about my life and my mother, I felt sorry for myself. I knew why I felt left out. Why my life was the way it was? I missed my mother, crying myself to sleep on most nights just wondering where she could be. How she was doing. Who she was.

My life felt like a Cinderella Story. Why?

Way before, my father lived in the Loresho Estate with the first wife and her 3 children.But after she died, he moved to Riverside drive. Before that, during her funeral, which was in his home town kakamega, that’s when he met my mother. My mother worked as a house girl in the Loresho house for a while. Then the second wife came in and that’s when my dad decided to move to houses.

I hope you, the reader, gets it.

So when the other kids were favored, I figured that was the reason. I just did not fit in. 

To be continued….







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