Who am I and Why I blog.

Hey Everybody,

My names are Doreen Eshinali Khamala. I created my site in 2014 but I was not sure on what to blog about. I wanted to do everything; food, fashion, personal life, you name it. So, I gave up.  Plus around 2015, I started working in the hotel industry and I did not have time for myself. Time to do anything. Hotels are busy 24/7. Working day and night. No time to rest. So, I used to put my thoughts in my personal journal for as long as I can remember. Writing about my relationship struggles and my life struggles. I am 25 years by the way.

During the start of this year, around June, yea…just recently, I got a promotion and working hours were less than before. No frequent night shifts. Had an office and time. I decided to make a new site and that’s when I started blogging. My blog is a life experience blog in relationships. I share my life experiences to pass information or an opinion to my readers. I am original and true to my readers.

So far, I do enjoy writing and reading other minded bloggers blogs. I enjoy seeing a comment or like on my posts because I feel someone has enjoyed my creative writing and thinking. Someone is appreciating my talent. 

In the three months, I have written 49 posts. This will be the 50th post. I have over 3,000 views and 46 followers. When I started I did not know that I will capture someone’s heart. I get messages on Facebook and twitter on how someone was inspired by my story. It feels great. You never know who might have gone through the same struggles in life. 

Even though am a fresh blogger. I really do enjoy writing and I won’t stop.

Thank you Readers and Thank you Daisy in the Willows for my first Word Press SHOUT OUT. 

Let’s keep connecting and sharing. Follow my Facebook Page Living and Learning with Doreen and Twitter. Please do not send me a spam. I will follow back. You can also read ABOUT DOREEN on my site to know more about me or email me at eshinalidoreen@gmail.com

Until next time, happy blogging, and God bless.



4 thoughts on “Who am I and Why I blog.

  1. ferddhie

    Hi Doreen, I’m Ferdinand. Nobody calls me that though. Everyone either calls me Senam or Ferdie. Like you, I wanted to do everything when I started blogging. Unlike you, I have not settled on one thing yet. I have decided to just let the pen – or the keyboard in this case – guide me.

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