Why are bad boys so lovable?

Hi Lovelies,

When I was going to work this morning with my earphones on, on Homeboyz Radio station, Mary J Blige and Drake song ‘Mr Wrong (Bad boys ain’t no good, good boys ain’t no fun) played. And it got me thinking. 

Why are bad boys so lovable? Why do we end up being a puddle of drool when we dream about them and talk about them? Ladies am talking to you. 

But who doesn’t like bad boys? We’ve all dated them.

Now be honest. Yeah that’s what I thought. Even if you’d like to deny it, bad boys have this something special that compels us to love them.

How I see it;

bad boy 1

Bad boys are troubled and we want to compulsively save them. Bad boys are rule breakers and heart breaker and bed shakers but that’s what girls love. We want to believe that below that black leather jacket, tattooed arms and bad boy stereotype there’s a tender and sweet heart. But we know better, he will hurt us. They have mastered building a wall in order to protect their feelings.

bad boy 2

Bad boys want to be loved but they give you a hard time to love them. They pretend to be full of bad words but that’s a way to pull off the bad boy vibe. To protect their love interest, even if it’s by scaring them away or to protect their fragile bad boy hearts.

bad boy 3

Bad boys will piss the hell out of everyone. Specially the love interest. But we love them more for that. That’s his nature. To get under our skin to make us think about him 24/7.

bad boy

We get addicted to bad boys. We get compelled to fall for the bad boys from time to time. You know why? It’s human nature. To want what we can not have. Forbidden objects has a sexy attitude, a leather jacket and a golden heart, well, we fall head over heels.

bad boy 4

Bad boys are not safe. They are adventurous, dangerous and fun. We get attracted to them because we feel we are missing something. They might be the only ones to discover it for you. They light a fire in our hearts. They know what they are and what they want. They get what they want and how they want it. 

bad boy 5

A good bad boy will protect his love interest at all costs. Some secretly, others sacrificing something dear for them and some other with fight fist. Though I don’t support violence.I consider myself independent but I love when am protected by a bad boy love interest. 

Some bad boys allow to be changed, saved and loved by us. We just have to be patient with them and understand them.

Bad boys are not so bad. They are just harsh, stubborn and hard to open up until they find THE ONE! 

Don’t take me seriously though, that’s just how I see it. 




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