Be you!

As am about to leave work, one of colleague tells me, “Doreen, you are so beautiful but if you put foundation on, fake eye lashes, do your eye brows and wear high heels. Girl, you will turn heads like crazy.”

It being a Friday, she’s looking like the biggest clown on earth. HA! Not that bad though. But she loves make up and she’s always excusing herself to go to the washroom just to add foundation and lipstick.

I just don’t have that time.

Truth is, am not a girly girl. In fact when growing up, I had issues with my sexuality. I was more of a tom boy. 

Looking at my past photos, I dressed in baggy trousers, t-shirts and caps or bandanas. Tough times.

At least when I started growing up, I realized am a lady and I changed. I struggled a bit though.

Am 25 years old, but I don’t own a pair of high heels in my wardrobe. Not even one. I can’t even remember the last time I wore high heels. Maybe it’s because am already tall and I don’t need to add more inches or maybe it’s because I cannot walk in them. I just cannot do heels.

I used to buy high heels thinking that I would wear them one day but my small sister ends up taking all of them.

I hope I don’t have a problem. At least I own and enjoy wearing shorts, skinny trousers, dresses and crop tops but just not heels.

Am just not a girly girl. Am just obsessed with flat shoes; doll shoes, converse and vans. I might even get married in one of these.

In fact the only make up I use on my face is mascara, eye pencil and lip stick. I rarely do my eyebrows. Am just that simple.

I have been sick with a bad flu this week. So why should I put on make up when I will sneeze it all off? Who even has time for make up when sick? I just wake up, shower, dress and off to work.

I think some girls try so hard. Am just not that kind. Even my boyfriend cannot change me from that. He enjoys my natural beauty.

Some people, don’t like simple but am obsessed with my simplicity. 

Be you!

Blessed weekend.




8 thoughts on “Be you!

  1. Ha, I don’t really identify with this as a guy; But, I remember as a kid I had bushy eyebrows and I never got them trimmed at the barber. Sometimes they would hang down and my sister would say, “comb your eyebrows! they’re driving me crazy!”. Anyway, sometimes I wonder if she might have keyed me into something without even realizing because sometimes when I just get a little lazy about my appearance I notice more girls looking at me….and any publicity is good publicity, haha.

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    • Hi. Kurtislunz. That happens to me too. My sister would try to put make up on me and scream about my eyebrows.. But I do them sometimes. As long as I dress good and have my converse on. I feel make up ain’t a must. Have you seen girls on Instagram nowadays? Well, that’s the make up am talking about.

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      • Haha, yeah, I saw your pictures on the side of your blog…I thought you would look pretty plain Jane because of your post; then, I was like …”Yeah, she’s no tomboy, she’s looking pretty good in these pics”

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