‘People need to stop playing games. If you want to live the single life, then just be single.’

Quote from @StephanSpeaks (Follow him on Instagram)

If you’re not ready to give a relationship what it needs, then just be single. Don’t break hearts. Don’t be a douche! Some people react differently when heart broken.

Hi readers,

I decided to do a truth and love session. I will be posting quotes that move me when it comes to relationships, self love and life. They can be from books that I read, movies and series that I watch, blogs I read, from my father’s advice, from a friend’s advice, from music I listen to, from a radio station…from anywhere. Reach Out. Speak Out. I will try and explain the quote in my on way or sometimes give a brief experience on it.

#TRUTHANDLOVE will be a weekend project. I will only post quotes on the weekends.

Do enjoy!





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