1 mistake 2 heart breaks

Why make the same mistake knowing that this mistake has already caused you more than enough? It almost ruined your relationship at one point in life?

When he asked for forgiveness the first time she found out he was seeing another woman, she believed him. She believed in his promises. She believed that she could trust him again and yes she did. She took him back.

All along she thought things were okay. Her relationship was back on the normal path again. She felt safe. She felt his all hers. No more sharing. 

I believe that when when a woman loves, she loves for real. She loves completely with her mind, body and soul. And no matter what a man does, she will TRY and fight for that relationship. 

Just when she thought she is not sharing his kisses, his touch, his body and his love? She finds out that the previous mistake is back again. The other woman. Messages, calls, pictures and whats app messages from and to this other woman.

She realized that all along, he never broke it off with the side chick. All along she was sharing him with her. He lied and deceived her into believing that he had cut communication with the other woman. That he has blocked and completely forgotten about her. But those were lies. 

He was dating her and dating the other woman for the 2 months of their relationship. It being a 1 year and 4 months relationship.

Why are men so evil? Why are men so selfish? They become over protective, ‘Where are you? Don’t do this and that. Don’t go out and if you do make sure you are home by this time. Who are your friends? Why are you friends with him/her? Who’s that calling you?Blah Blahh Blahh……Being insecure about your every move. Yet all along he was the one cheating. Again.

She felt so awful to be betrayed twice over the same mistake. Over the same lies. How is she supposed to get over that? How is she supposed to ever look at him again? The love of her life! The only man who made her feel so special. The only man she loved so much. The only man she gave her all, selflessly. Her bae.

How long is she supposed to  carry that betrayal? For some people a heartbreak can take a day, a month, a year while for some move around with it for a lifetime.

One Mistake, Two heart breaks. You cannot make the same mistake twice. The second time  you make it; it’s not a mistake, its a choice.




4 thoughts on “1 mistake 2 heart breaks

  1. Pagebreak

    I wont say all men but there are a specific few who are just experts at cheating. It’s ingrained in them, they learned how to manipulate and use either your good nature and heart or insecurities against you. Play with your emotions and then when caught act as if it was all you and then have the audacity to get angry when they get caught! My ex called me all kinds of names when he got caught even better a liar all because he knew I wasnt gonna stay with him but he didnt want the other girl to break up with him either… SELFISH. Crazy though she and him are still together and I also found out she knew about me as well.. So no form of sympathy they deserve each other. If he lied to you the same way my ex lied to me. your’e not only better off but deserve someone who will treat you like a priority and not an option.

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    1. eshinalidoreen Post author

      It a matter of just moving on and letting the world teach them lesson. I tell myself. His loss. So if he thought a new ass would make his worries less, let’s see how far it will go…

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