Can I run? Can I hide?

From all this pain I feel inside.

Why can’t I let the memories go?

Maybe I loved him much more than anyone will know. 

He took me to the moon and back and I can’t deny it felt good in every way.

The hurt is bad, the wound is deep,

The heart aches from the promises he couldn’t keep

It’s my fault and I wish I had known

You played our game and here I’m left alone

I’m loosing the war,

It’s a battle in my mind.

These emotions are too much to bare,

I’m blinded I can’t see you care.

I smile during the day, But at night it doesn’t work my way!

Hi Readers, August has not been a good month for me. Lemme just say 2016 hasn’t been a good year for me. I have experiences lose, meaning people leaving walking out. Existing my life. I don’t know but maybe there’s a reason as to why that is happening. Maybe they did not like the ME I present. 

I can’t beg them to stay either.

Anyways, just about to leave work and I just start typing what am feeling at the moment and I dint know I can write a poem. My first Poem. Tell me what you think.



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