In His Eyes

She held onto you for so long, much longer than most would, partially for love, but mostly because she forgot her self worth since you were always belittling her.

She’s smart, loyal, beautiful, independent and trust worthy.

Someone who could easily have men lined up around the block begging to have a chance with her.

She did things out of the  ordinary just to make you smile, cheered you up whenever you were down.

You asked, she did it.

Yet, every single day all of this went unnoticed and unappreciated by you. 

What did you expect? Her to not find the courage to let you go? 

Well she found it and I’m sure you’ll attempt to replace her with another, you’ll soon find out there’s no one like her.

Sure, you might become distracted at times because there are plenty of beautiful women in this world, but none liker her.

She’s irreplaceable

Hi Readers,

I enjoy participating in Daily Post challenge. I started yesterday and I was able to come up with my first poem, Memories

Today’s daily prompt is eyes and “In His Eyes” will be my second poem. What you think? 

This Daily Post thing, never fails, gives me an idea of what to write about when am stuck.




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