If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would be enough.

We all are lovers of life. Ain’t you?

But how much do you value this life?

How much do you love yourself? Are you okay with how you live?

Do you have family and friends that care about you? Even though you don’t but you are able to read this, am sure your life is a little better than what am about to show you. 

Why do you complain much? You start wondering why you have a miniature kind of life. Getting sad over little things, always worrying about unimportant details, wishing some things were different.

What you should do is appreciated life. No matter the situation. Thank God for just being alive. Breathing. Eating. Smiling. Laughing. Having the energy to wake up in the morning. Let Him work on your next step.

Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for who you are.

I want to share a video. And when I watched it. I was heavy at heart. I was heart broken. I was in tears. 

Please Stop what you are doing and watch!

After watching this;

I thanked God for all of his blessings. For Life, Happiness, love, family and everything that I have right now and can do right now that i couldn’t do before.

Looking at the brighter side of life comes a realization that God all the way has never let me down. No matter what. His guidance is always there.

I thank God that I’m still here and can still feel His earth. I know sooner or later it will come that I will no longer be part of these beings and that I will fade away, be taken away from the soil.

But before that happens I am really thankful for the life I have lived and still living. I am thankful that God gave me a very loving, caring, understanding and God fearing father and mother who influenced me as well with strength and wisdom.

I thank God for always sending me angels to guide me.

I thank Him for all of the people that He uses as instruments to answer my prayers. I can’t mention all of them but they are the good people who brought me to where I am today. These kind people taught me to be strong and go on with life.

I thank God for my career, for the people who continue to believe in me and my capabilities. 

I HEAVILY thank God that He sent good Samaritans to come and take these kids away from misery. From starvation. If you watched till the end, the woman said,“We cannot leave them here. We cannot leave them to starve.” I pray for them.

Indeed I am super blessed. So thank you God for today. 

Say a thankful Prayer today.





3 thoughts on “If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would be enough.

  1. Vernon

    Hi Doreen,
    What a powerful post!
    Gratitude is all around us. Like you said, I can look back on my life and see that God had always been there.
    I seen you at OM meet and greet.

    Liked by 1 person


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