I am a witness

I am a witness to love, betrayal and lies. My heart has been used. My heart has been stubbed countless times. It could be my fault but most of the times it never my fault.

I am a defendless witness. I watched it all happen. I wasn’t able to protect myself because I was blinded by love. I was engulfed in his charm.

I am a witness because I watched him play with me like a toy and control me the way he could. But in love I was. It did not mind.

I am a witness in his magical love making. The make up sex. The kisses and the touching. I couldn’t resist. Even though I wanted to. I was drunk in love. Everyone he kissed me, I would forget the pain he’d caused me.

Being in love is one thing but being in love with the thought of being in love is torture to your partner. Don’t toil with someone’s heart. Just because you know they love you too much to let go.

I am a witness.




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