Indeed a Beautiful Mistake

At first she thought it was a mistake. She thought it would never work. She thought it was just a one night stand. 

At first she thought it was one of those ‘campus relationships’. The kind of relationships she was grown out of. Those relationships she swore to herself never to get in to. These relationships might have worked for others or working for now but for her they never worked. Atleast she learned a lot from them. 

At first she thought, he wouldn’t see the person she is. She thought she was just a sex object to him. Because it started out as a ‘one night stand’. She thought he would never take time to know her. What she likes? The music she listens to? Her favourite food and all that. 👻

But with time, it was never a mistake. It was all in her head. It turned out to be the best thing her life. She never knew it would turn out to be that beautiful. That amazing. 

It’s never peaceful but they try to make peace. They try to accept each other’s flaws. And even thought they get at each other’s throat. She would say it was worth it. She keeps fightning. 💪

She never believed in love. All those boys in her life were just a lesson. Letting her know that there’s something better out there. Delicious fish in the sea. 😆

She’s in love. So much in love. 💏




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