I’m a Low-Maintenance Girl and Proud of it.

I’m the girl who starts getting ready fifteen minutes before I have to leave because am not trying to impress anyone. Just trying to please myself. As long as I got my doll shoes or converse shoes on, re-fleek my eye brows with my eye pencil then a little mascara, sio lazima ata, then lipstick and dress in what am comfortable in. And am out.

I’m the girl who doesn’t spend 10 minutes perfecting my braids. I just tie them back or in a messy bun. But I prefer the ‘puffy’ hair styles where its one style all through. I do not spend 3000 bob on makeup trying to contour my face because it isn’t worth the time and money.

I’m the girl who is happy the way I am when I roll out of bed in the morning, not the kind that needs to shower and get dolled up before going somewhere on a hangover kind of morning. And the way my hangovers are extreme!

I’m the girl who doesn’t get all flustered when I get a little stain on myself because accidents happen and if I can’t change it right away then it’s not worth getting upset over.

I don’t worry about perfect lightning and angles for my Instagram pictures…..Okay, I joke about this one. HAHA! a little filter goes a long way. I love me some Instagram filters.

I’m the girl who doesn’t take a hundred selfies to find the perfect one of the post. I joke again…… HAHAHA! I do have that perfect posture, at least I think its perfect. Until I get it, I have to ‘click’ ‘click’ to even 100 snapshots. Okay, not 100 maybe 10. Then choose ‘the one’ to post. The others I use them for ‘TB’ (Throwback).  Am sure am not the only one.

I’m the girl who doesn’t need my nails painted perfectly. This is so true. I cannot even remember the last time I painted my nails, maybe my toes. Not that I have bad finger nails or nibble on them, I just don’t do it. I don’t know why. I just don’t!

I’m the girl who doesn’t have a favorite food, If I see it and it sounds good, I order it. I don’t need five-star restaurants and fancy dinners (that people normally critique anyway) to keep me satisfied, am good with eating a burger on a dinner date.

I’m the girl who is happy doing my own thing, my own way without following the latest trends because I don’t need glamour to make me happy. I know what I want and what I like and that is all I need.

Shopping doesn’t make me giddy with excitement. But yes I do online shopping once in a while. I don’t allow myself to over use my money just trying to look like that other girl I saw on Instagram or snap-chat. But I prefer shopping for cool retro clothes at a thrift store and wearing them proudly. 

I’m happy with the same jeans I’ve been wearing because they fit and they’re comfortable, so why drop another 2000 bob on a newer pair? Just like seeing women in Nairobi walk around the mall or  in the streets with high heels makes me cringe because there is no way in hell they are comfortable in those four inch heels.

I’m the girl who thinks the simple things in life are the best things. I don’t need real diamonds or peals to be happy. I don’t need designer name brand bags or purses, I just need something that isn’t too uncomfortable to carry a few of my personal belongings in. 

Am sure some of you be reading and saying,’She’s talking like that because she cannot afford. If she did, she would say diamonds and pearls do matter,’. Yea, I hear your thoughts.

But first, do you have diamonds? or pearls? The real ones?  Maybe you do. I don’t care though.

Anyways, The simple things bring me joy, they make me happy and that’s awesome. Am down to get dirty in nature because fun is what it’s all about. I don’t need a lot to be happy and spontaneous adventures to bring me joy.

I’m the girl who actually sings in the showers and dance without care if anyone is watching because others opinions about me doesn’t change who I am as a person. 

I’m the girl who believes in LOVE and ROMANCE. Not like in the telenovela’s series but I know when I feel love. 

I have got my head in the right place, along with my heart. Am going to be just fine in life, even with my low maintenance. I AM HAPPY. 



8 thoughts on “I’m a Low-Maintenance Girl and Proud of it.

  1. lilboy

    when I read about ‘diamonds and pearls’… I didn’t think whether you could afford them or not… the very first thing that came into my mind was I have a friend who has almost same thoughts as you… and she also doesn’t like to show off she just lives to impress herself and doesn’t even care what others think of her… you just reminded me of her…
    by the way it was a lovely post… I will ask my friend to have a look at it…

    Liked by 1 person

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