Fiercely Grown

We’ve all been through this, being that ugly child when young but growing up to be a beautiful, fiercely grown. Yes, I did too. 


I seriously do not remember which year this was. See, no boobs yet.  Think I was in junior school. ‘Mombasa’ vacation with family on a Christmas Holidays. Oh my! i used to shave my head and I had all colors of ‘Bandana’. 



Do not worry about my ‘polka dot skirt’ and my boots. I loved those boots by the way. This was when Facebook was the IT thing and I would dress up, just to pose for a photo to post on Facebook. HAHA. Around 2009.. My small sister was my photographer. ‘POSES IN THE KITCHEN’. 


This was around 2010 with my High School best friend. How I loved this girl. Thanks to social media, we still communicate. We were inseparable. Teachers in school would even not want us to sit next to each other in class. If it wasn’t copying each other’s notes, it was talking about boys or chewing gum and sticking them under our desks before classroom starts. I don’t know what we were doing in that place..but I guess it was a lunch date. And who even took this picture? 


This was 2011. Just burning on the grass outside the house. I was skinny then.


This was 2012. My sister and I had gone for a rugby match. It was Hell fun. Representing my country with that flag. Don’t worry about my purple stockings. And this was the year I shaved my hair into a ‘mohawk’. 


This was also 2012. That is Joyce. I had kidnapped her, we go for a night out. There was an event somewhere. I was with my kaboyfriend at that time and he had his boy. So he asked me to bring a friend so that his friend wont be bored. Blind date. HAHAHA. She was mad at me though. Bought her few shots, she forgot about it. It was a good night.


My hommie, my gangsta-like friend. Halima. She’s not gangsta anymore.She lived next to my home and swimming was the plan for this day. Nice body, huh? 


This was 2013. See that teddy bear, my then boyfriend brought me. It was Valentine’s Day. How sweet is that! It was a long distance relationship and he carried it all the way to me. Oi!!! But we broke up. HAHA. I still have the teddy though.


2014. I was at my internship workplace. I remember it was a friday and I had worn ‘Denim on Denim’. I don’t have a full photo. Did I go out that day? I think I did. Looking pretty huh? SEE THE TRANSFORMATION? 


This was 2015. I was just from an interview. My first Job. I think that Boss hired me because of my hairstyle. I love this puffy thing. Easier to put, easier to maintain. But I did not even stay at that Hotel Job. I quit and moved somewhere else. There was a lady there, who always on my case like a high school teacher. I think she did not like because I was prettier than her. You know us women. You hate someone for no reason.


2016 February. Look at me now. Black woman on point. I had just cut my hair again. I get bored with long hair at times.


Miss independent. This is still 2016.Hope you’ve seen that transformation. Think this was around April. 


This was July 2016, I started growing my hair again. Just a random picture after salon. ‘denim on denim’.  

Ok Bye!



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