Nothing Good Comes Of Snooping your partner’s phone – I should know

HAHA! We women.

This is always the funniest moments ever. When you start debating with your own conscious whether to take it or not. Wondering what is on his whats-app or texts? Huh?

A little shiver pass through your body when you see a “Hey” whats-app message and Fuck! the profile picture is a woman. 

I can’t think of anything more horrifying than this. I wouldn’t want to read all the things that will make me angry my partner is saying and I wouldn’t want  him to read mine either. There has to be some secrecy in a relationship. Right? 

I know women, don’t agree with that? But everyone deserves privacy.

If I never feel comfortable with my girl friends looking at my phone. Who knows what naked photos I sexted to my guy! Or what I was looking at that day. Nobody needs to know that I was googling “Vagina Discharge” or “celebrities small penis” or What site I use to do what I do. Some things don’t need to be shared with anyone. 

The thing with reading your partner’s texts is that everything is taken out of context. 

Of course if you see a text that says, “Can’t wait to fuck you” it probably means what it says. Why do you have to ask over and over, what does this text mean? Causing unnecessary drama.

If you see a text from a woman who’s name you don’t recognize that says, “So great meeting you today”, it could easily be totally innocent and work related or a stripper your boyfriend met when he said he was going to meet some old friends for drinks.

Then you hurt and cry all day and night. You brought it upon yourself you know.

There are so many reason why you shouldn’t snoop on your partner’s phone – but many opportunities to do it and so many temptations to try. Before giving in, consider a few compelling reasons why you shouldn’t snoop, take a step back, put down the phone, and stop trying to crack the Facebook or Instagram password.

Ladies if you dint know, lemme tell you. 

Snooping make you untrustworthy. Even if you find something, you’re no better than your partner, because you’re keeping secrets too.

What is your relationship without trust? If you don’t feel like you can trust your partner, why are you in the relationship anyway? Why you shouldn’t snoop is because you’re breaking the trust in your relationship with one bad decision. It’s hard to come baock from something like that, and what happens if you don’t find whatever you went searching for in the first place?

Besides, do you know what happens when you go looking for trouble? You find it – even if it’s not really there. You might misinterpret what you find, or make a mountain out of a molehill. Then as usual, us women, we want start a fight where there isn’t any. 

It says more about you. Insecure. That’s what you are. There’s no gain in being insecure.

If you go snooping through your partner’s text messages, email, or social media accounts and don’t find anything, great.

What then? 

If you find something that makes you skeptical but doesn’t prove anything, what then? Once you’ve snooped the first time, it’s easier to keep doing it. Soon you’re just looking for reasons to spy, and then you’re looking for reasons to justify your spying, which means you could make up lies or betrayals out of nothing.

Talking out your feelings, suspicions, and fears is a much better option.Your partner needs to know how you feel, and if you’re afraid to share or feel like you can’t talk to him or her, then again, what’s the point of being in the relationship anyway?

You’re better than this.

Talk, don’t spy. 

Bring up your fears, sit down and talk about them, and come to a resolution out in the open.

This is something I Have come to realize.

Have you ever snooped on your partner – or has a partner ever snooped on you?






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