Whispers of My heart

When I didn’t belong to anywhere, to guide me,

You were always there.

You showed me the right path, when I was lost.

All the obstacles and circumstances that blocked my way,

You walked with me and made the way clear for me.

Whenever am sad and low, you would tell me, ‘It’s gonna be okay’. 

I hear your whisper in my heart.

You made me believe it’s all worthwhile.

Through everyday, every week and every month, you always have my back.

Someone I call to when my heart and mind are not at peace. Even though most times is when am in trouble. Or when I have problems. When my life is shaky.

But what do you do? You still listen. You pay attention to me. Because you love me.

I just want to thank you for making me see ‘September’. So many people would have wanted to be in my shoes but they couldn’t. But am sure they are in a better place.

I know am a sinner,

Words can’t explain my guilt. I know the damage my actions have built. 

I am sorry with all my heart. 

Keep guiding me through this harsh world. Keep holding me higher.

Because Dear Lord, you see and you know the kind of world you put me in. It’s not easy.

People change, people are rude, people hurt me, people leave me but I stand tall because I know with you, I still can stand. 

Only you have the command over me.

Only you can judge me.

Hold me again through September.

Feel my heart with love and take away the hate. Take away the pain. Take away the dark clouds around me.Take away the bad friends. Take away the enemies and take away the fear.

It’s a challenge to live each day! But with you I make it. 

‘Goodbye August, Welcome September’.

strong woman1




11 thoughts on “Whispers of My heart

  1. naturefoodlove

    For our Lord our God hears a heart that is afflicted.
    He never leaves or abandons the cry of His children.
    A Father of many with a love that is so great.
    Never fear the dark for even in that He is there.
    All in all, recognize the Lord our God.
    He is waiting as He gently knocks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eshinalidoreen Post author

      Oh my, thank you for making my September start of well. I appreciate you. Lemme peep your blog and see what you’ve been up to..;) By the name, ‘it’s all about food’. Hope you got lovely recipes too…😆

      Liked by 1 person


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