Don’t Become The Person Who Hurt You.

Hi Lovelies, this will be my Monday motivation to you. ‘DON’T BECOME THE PERSON WHO HURT YOU.’

We’ve all gone through first love relationship. Or being in a relationship where you loved someone too much that you couldn’t see yourself with another person. Even though they mess up, you were ready to forgive and take them back. It has happened to most of us.

It gets to a point that you promise yourself that you will never love again. All you do is play games and even though ‘the right person’ comes your way, you don’t see it because you are caught up the ‘gone-love situation’. You don’t want to let go. 

Thinking that sleeping with countless women or men, will hurt that person who hurt you. No, it doesn’t. They have moved on and most probably, not thinking about you.

This has been a story of my life and I know I made someone somewhere be in this situation too, because I was hurt and I never cared much about my next victim(s). If you reading this, am sorry. 

The pain could have come from all direction, from any direction; your family, your husband, your wife, your close friend, your girlfriend or your boyfriend….the list goes on.

My advice goes out to any kind of pain you’ve felt because you gave love.

Don’t let someone who doesn’t love you correctly take away the hope and desire to find a new love, a better love. 

Don’t give up on love because you were hurt, don’t become the person who hurt you to someone else. It’s not fair to you or to them because your heart will heal, maybe not wholly or quickly, but someone will love you again. They will love all the broken pieces of you that you’ve worked so hard at putting back together, and you will love them back.

Don’t let who broke you change how you love. Don’t let it change how you feel towards others. Don’t let it change how you feel when you’re falling in love. Don’t let it change the passion you felt in your heart before you were broken.

And please, don’t let it change who you are because you are not who broke you, you are better than that. You learn from it.

You can he hateful, you can be cold and dark, but the only person you are hurting is yourself. You are hurting your chances at love, you are hurting your future chances at healing and happiness. 

Don’t be mad at who hurt you, don’t hold grudges and certainly don’t change your heart because of what happened to you.

Be you, be completely and unashamedly you, and always know that love wins and you will have your happy ending.

Blessed Monday, Blessed Week








9 thoughts on “Don’t Become The Person Who Hurt You.

  1. Benjamin Ngiam

    Very nicely written. I am one who got hurt real bad for loving someone apparently too much. I treated her like she was my queen- Made it a point to be the best bf and future husband as I can but was tossed aside like nothing just because “The feelings are gone”. Lol seriously some people (Men and women) don’t understand that “Feelings” don’t make the relationship but commitment. Staying together by each other’s side no matter what happens.

    You can always find a reason to leave but you can also always find a reason to stay. Unfortunately, my ex couldn’t commit to me as I did for her.

    But saying that she only did damage to me will not be fair since she taught me so many things in life as well. I will forever be grateful to her for showing me what true love could be and I sincerely hope that she feels the same even though she chose to leave me.

    I won’t lie, not only did her leaving hurt like *Insert your favorite vulgarity*, it also made me lose the faith of ever finding a person who will truly love me as a life partner the way I would love someone.

    I may have moved on somehow from this relationship but I’d be lying if I say that the effects of the breakup is not around anymore. I’d say it’s gonna be with me for life, unfortunately lol.

    There are days when I even found myself wondering if I should just give up looking for a life partner and perhaps just adopt a little kid in future to take care of hah! But I shouldn’t go thinking too much into it I guess since I’m only 24 at this time while writing this.

    Either way, this is a good article bud. Don’t become the person who hurt you. I’ve heard stories before where the victims took the stand to become the villain and started finding their own victims to make themselves feel better and indeed, it doesn’t work.

    Even if it does, it’s only a temporary “Filler” of this emptiness in their heart and soul. They know it’s not them to hurt others, they don’t want to but they just don’t know how to deal with the pain nor how to find relief. Losing someone important, not just a lover leaving but even losing someone due to natural causes or even unnatural causes CAN be so devastating that it’ll leave a profound effect on the human psyche.

    Hence, I want to say that this article is a really well written one. Would you mind if I share this on Project BIY’s Article list bud? I truly feel that not only does this help with letting others who’ve gone through similar experiences know that they are not alone, it’ll also give them some form of relief and likely, allow them to find some solace in it.

    Let me know bud and keep up the good work 😉

    Your pal,

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  2. eshinalidoreen Post author

    Hi Benj, sure you can share it on Project BIY’s Article. No problem and thank you for reading.

    I feel your pain and the reason I wrote this post is that, i felt like I did the same thing your ex did to you to my first love. We dated from high school until 2013.
    He loved me deep down, very much and I know it but I messed up and I never appreciated his love. I don’t know what I was looking for at that time.
    It got to a point his love grew to hate and then back to love.

    I don’t think he will ever forgive me but I know he hurts until today. He let me go yes, but I know I hurt him, ruining him. Wish he knew how sorry I am. I wish this post would reach him

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your story. I appreciate you for reading,


  3. jacquelineobyikocha

    Well articulated. At times when one gives all they’ve got in a relationship and it goes sour, they walk away with the burnt up emotions and when not properly dealt with another new relationship is started with the carry overs of a relationship gone bad.

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