Take Selfies, Eat Cake

Am glad to have been brought up in a family where remembering your ‘birthday’ was and still is a taboo. No-one’s birthday could pass without cake, candles, presents, selfies, a family get-together dinner and birthday songs.

My dad has a paper stuck on the wall in his study room, where his written everyone’s birthday date. I got a big family and he has to always remember. How sweet is that? 😊

But things have changed for now, people have moved out from home. Some of us prefer to celebrate with friends but there’s always that ‘Happy Birthday Message’ that you get from family. Or a Facebook or Instagram post appreciating you on your day.

My birthday is on 2nd March. This year, I was with my boyfriend. He got me a cake and roses. Couldn’t remember most of the night. Tequila had fucked me up. But I did get sweet text messages from my family.


In 2015, I celebrated it at home with family. Not everyone was there but I enjoyed the cake. 


Black forest cake from Java. Courtesy of my small sister, she went through the struggle to order it. 

Next year, as long as am alive and breathing. I will be thankful.

The most birthday celebration I enjoy is my dad’s birthday.

  1. We always make sure, we are all available. The young ones of the family.
  2. We prepare breakfast for him and throw in presents after breakfast.
  3. We arrange for a beautiful get-together dinner for him. Selfies before dinner, selfies after dinner, he cuts cake as we sing for him, more selfies, eat the cake, selfies, then have some wine with more selfies.


His 75th Birthday. Black forest Cake


His recent birthday, he was turning 78 years Old. February 13th. I wish him many many and many more to come.


Response to today’s Daily Prompt; Cake!




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