She calls it #SandwichSaturday. That’s her Instagram hashtag she uses every Saturday she posts her homemade Sandwiches. My sister is the best cook everrrrrrr!! For real! The Best!

I remember on all the occasions at home, she was the barbecue lady. She loves to grill and to make yummy yummy sauce and food. I used to be so eager for her to come home to ‘choma nyama’ (Roast meat and Chicken) back when she was in University. She would marinate it with all her secret ingredients and when you bite it. Oh My! Too tasty!

She loves to watch ‘Food Network Channel’ that’s where she gets her cooking tricks and tips.

She moved out though. I envy her boyfriend.

Anyways, courtesy of her Instagram page and in honor of today’s Daily Prompt: Sandwich, I would love to share some of her homemade sandwiches.

Drool as much! 



It’s #SandwichSaturday yet again. With a twist: build your own sandwich! Cucumber, tomatoes, cheese bits, bacon, viennas, mayo spread with onions, sunny-side-up runny eggs, yellow bell pepper and a shandi (coke+fanta) to wash it all down.


#SandwichSaturday build-your-own-sandwich result #TrippleDecker #MySandwichIsBetterThanYours


It’s that day of the week: #SandwichSaturday!! It seems like viennas are always in my way, but that’s just cause it’s the end of the month. The broccoli is inspired from last night’s dinner plus tomatoes, cheese and bacon on white bread toast. #OmNomNom #instaFood #ThisSandwichGotYouThrown #Foodie


#SandwichSaturday as I found leftover roast chicken in the fridge. Mixed that with onions, coriander and mayo. Veggie include tomatoes and a side of coleslaw. Favorite ingredient here is bacon. #SpicyChickenSaladBaconTomatoSandwich


Brace yourself for a plethora of YUMS! #SandwichSaturday. These have avacado/mayo/onion spread + pork brawn + tomato infused omelettes #MySandwichesBringYallToTheYard 


#SandwichSaturday. Let’s call it dessert sandwich. A #TrippleDecker filled with peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry jam and bananas. 



#SandwichSaturday. Left over minced beef with tomatoes (seasoned with salt and black pepper) on toast. #BreakfastLunchAndDinner


Mini-Sandwiches for family. The spread was blended dhania (coriander) + 2 cloves of garlic and mayonnaise – spiced with black pepper and salt. The filling was chicken & beef brawn + salted cucumber #SandwichSaturday #NomForFamily


#SandwichSaturday. These open-face pizza sandwich are the truth, and so quick to make…few ingredients too. Microwave “roasted” viennas chopped up and laid on toast with seasoned tomatoes and onions, then drizzled with lotsa cheese; popped in the microwave for a minute.


Miracles of miracles. #SandwichSaturday. This is the breakfast beast: the omelette in it has beef chunks & onions, later topped with bacon; the other layer has viennas & lightly sauteed tomatoes #MySandwichSoFat



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