Girlfriend’s Baby Shower.

Feels good not being at work on a Monday. It’s a Holiday. HAPPY IDD MUBARAK to my Islamic friends. Inshallah!

It’s been a long weekend! I spent it with my girlfriend, Anne. A Beautiful and lovely friend she is. Yes, we’ve had our moments but glad after 1 year or so, we still friends. How we met is a long long story.

Planning a surprise baby shower for her was so hard. Glad it turned out just perfect.


Anne and her stomach. She’s due any day from now


When that baby was kicking or stretching. These ladies wanted to feel it. I saw it move too in her stomach. It was the most scariest thing ever.


When she was cutting the cake. It was written ‘Hello Mummy, Goodbye Tummy.’


When she was opening her presents. Someone got her a ‘potty’. So cute!



Anne with the purple lips and her friend Sharon




Letter to Anne,

I know you will be reading this.

Sweetie, even though the turn up wasn’t as expected, am glad you enjoyed.  Even though, it’s not here yet, it was fun just talking about the baby and letting you know that every thing will be okay. Be ready for the pop soon.

We enjoyed spending the day with you. I wish you all the luck in the world and God Bless you and your unborn child.

Since you haven’t found out the sex yet. Hope to be seeing her/him soonest.

Hugs & Kisses.

With Love,







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