The Dream I keep Having. Does It Have Any Meaning?

Should I say good Morning or goodnight? It’s 3am in my country Kenya.Whichever time zone you in, ‘Jambo’ (Hello). 
I cannot sleep!
See, I had a very scary dream and it woke me up. Have you ever dreamt of falling into an endless hole? You just keep falling but you don’t hit the ground?I have been having the same dream for sometime now. Everything happens the same way. What does it mean?
I saw myself in a forest. I was lost. I could see that I was with my friends but now that am awake, I don’t remember their faces. I don’t even know who they were.I was dressed in ragged blue jeans, white sleeveless top, a black hoodie with a back pack and no shoes.
We were walking past a cementary and my friend, Nancy, said to me, ‘ Hey, there something behind you. Don’t move’. (In reality I don’t have a friend named Nancy.)
We all know when someone tells you not to move because of something that’s behind you, that’s when the fear jumps into you 110%. Nancy and my other friends were already moving back from what was behind me. I could see the scare in their faces. I was still glued to the ground sweating and panting really hard. I could hear myself.
So I just started running. I don’t know what I was running from but I could feel something breathing at my feet as I ran. Nancy and the others had taken a different road. But the creature that was, seemed to be wanting me. I couldn’t stop running. I kept telling myself, ‘it’s only a dream. It’s only a dream. I knew it was a dream but I couldn’t open my eyes.
I could feel myself stumble in bed and turning but it’s because I was dodging from the hanging branches on my path as I ran.
I had been running for so long when I suddenly tripped and fell in a hole. A dark hole. I saw nothing in there. But I just kept falling. I let my hands free to try hold on to something to stop me from falling but I couldn’t feel anything.‘It’s only a dream. Wake up. Wake up.’ I could hear my thoughts. But my eyes could not open. I tried but nothing.
Then I saw a light deep down the hole. As I fell, the light became bigger and brighter. I thought it was my way out. But just before I could see where the light came from or what it was, I heard a bang, I woke up. Someone in the house was using the washroom and the ‘bang’ was the toilet door.’
I woke up sweating and my heart pounding so hard. I rebuked the dream in the name of Jesus but I cannot sleep now. I believe that dreams that wake you up at night or those that you cannot wake up from, no matter how much you try are not good.
Have you ever had such a dream? The falling into a deep hole dream? What does it mean? It’s not the first time I have dreamt about it. Am scared!

5 thoughts on “The Dream I keep Having. Does It Have Any Meaning?

  1. bexoxo

    I’ve heard that dreams when you are continuously falling can signify either that you are avoiding something in life that you need to face, or that you are on a long journey and though it may seem endless, there is an end in sight, so don’t give up hope. Just my two cents. Thanks for sharing!

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