A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Place, but Nothing Ever Grows There.

If you never follow your dreams and your calling, you are always going to feel confined to a small space, stuck! You might enjoy singing, dancing, writing, woodwork, fashion- whatever it is that brings you pure happiness is your calling. It’s what you should be spending majority of your life doing.

“When you are doing what you love, you never have to work a day in your life”. We’ve all heard this saying! 

We spend our days working a low end job we are all miserable about, getting annoyed with the smallest issues. Getting pissed off over traffic, shouting and hooting trying to get to work. Cheating or avoiding your partner because you rushed into marriage and bought that house because society said ‘that is where they need to be at age 25’. Having kids when you are not ready. Forgetting about your dreams then 15 years later you are still working for someone, doing a job you absolutely hate because it pays the bills. There is no room for growth there, if you are not doing what you love there is no interest in developing or learning.

Don’t get me wrong, am not saying that getting married and having kids is wrong. What I mean is many people don’t follow their dream because they feel they first need to make a living because the society said so.

Remember we live in a brainwashed world, a world where social media and the society, tell us what we should be doing with our lives. We were not put into this world to be mediocre. We don’t have to live like our forefather’s. That being a doctor, a lawyer or surgeon is the only achievement in life. Even though there’s a lot of money here, if your heart is not into that, you will be wasting your time.

I mean if you love singing, and you not the greatest singer I am not saying you need to enter Idols and make a fool of yourself, but your passion is clearly in music, so try and enter a field where you are surrounded by the things that bring you the utmost joy. Don’t settle to pay the bills, you are capable and worth so much more than that. 

It’s your life. And you should live it exactly how you want to. You are lucky to be alive, blessed with a healthy body and brain. Who do you think you are, not following that thing that sets your heart on fire?

You are so blessed to have the opportunity to be in this world, to experience love, lust and passion. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t for a minute think that your dream is too big or unreachable, because there are people achieving these things every single day.

“Persistence is the key to unlock the door, it’s easier and closer than you think.”

But one thing biggest you should remember is whether your dream is to travel the world, open a business or even become famous, never forget about the people that cared for you when you never had a dream – Family and Love. 

Listen to J Cole’s Speech.


It’s time to change plans into dreams – am doing the same thing.

Keep pushing, and make the necessary changes to make sure you live a life that will be remembered.

Be an inspiration.





12 thoughts on “A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Place, but Nothing Ever Grows There.

  1. Celestial

    So true. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, that we’re never truly ready. It’s about going for it anyway, putting yourself out there, possibly making a fool of yourself, and having faith:)

    Liked by 3 people

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