To The Men Who Want To Sleep With Her And You Can’t Date Her. You’re a piece of Shit!

You say that dating is difficult and hard work. That it’s more than it’s worth. You just want things without efforts knowing that’s not how the real world works. If you’re lazy and “busy” to date, how do you find the time and energy to have sex? The answer is simple, you are acting like an asshole.

You say that when she sleeps with someone she doesn’t know, she’s a slut. But for you, it’s an achievement. High-fiving with your douche friends for banging the hot chick in club last night. Why don’t we flip the tables now. If you think you can fuck me without knowing the amazing person I am, with a lot more to offer that just my body, then you must be sick in the head. Personally, I’m over this shit and I won’t be participating in the madness. If you can have sex with me but not date me, you’re a piece of shit!

You want her to get on her knees and give you what you want without you so much lifting a finger. Fuck that! If you cannot see that she’s worth knowing and amazing what makes you think her pussy will be amazing? See, you men think stupidly! You can’t be having your cake and eating it too. We’d rather eat it alone that with you lazy wits! 

You make it a complete lifestyle. That if you don’t have sex with over a 3 girls in a day. It ain’t normal. Instead of enjoying that experience with that someone that you care about. What you don’t know is that you are only impressive to your fellow frat boys who also haven’t grown up. The rest of the adults are behaving as such – grow up and join us.

You compliment us and shower us with gifts so that you get our bodies but some of us ladies don’t enjoy that. Some of us need love, care and affection. “A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by the man she loves.‘ – that’s my stylish way

I don’t know if the ladies would agree with me but I believe that sex is amazing when with someone you want to form a relationship with or someone you already in a relationship with. But these days you go online and casual sex is quicker to find than actual relationship. It’s so easier to find someone to have sex with, anytime and anywhere.

Money isn’t an excuse for you to show your nakedness to any man, not knowing who they are? Where they have been? What diseases they might be having? The list of questions is endless…Your nakedness is a temple. I know we are all sinners but trust me, it feels amazing when only one person enjoys your body.

I block every fucker on Social media who try to send me pictures of their dick to get my attention or when you on that Whats-app group and that one individual tries to annoy me. See, am not interested. Please excuse me while  I yawn to death as I continue to decline yet another fuckboy’s offer.I guess I have just outgrown in some things. But I know people are not the same.

From the girl who believes in love.








24 thoughts on “To The Men Who Want To Sleep With Her And You Can’t Date Her. You’re a piece of Shit!

  1. meetmeinnevada

    Speaking from someone who was in a “relationship” like this I will say that it took every part of me to leave, but I stayed. Here we are four years later and he’s finally starting to realize that he’s been childish and now we’re actually going to try a relationship.

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      1. meetmeinnevada

        I think he’s realizing he’s not getting younger and now it’s time to stop playing childish games and settle down lol. Lol thanks. I hope so too.

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  2. Carol

    I prefer a man that stands his ground from day 1,one who states the rules of the game as soon attraction is clear between the two….Sex is made for two and only then is it special….till i find that rare kind of man…ill stay single wid my legs tightly closed

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  3. Benjamin Ngiam

    Not all men are like this. I want you to know that.
    I have friends who shares my ideals as well and all of us treat women with respect- In contrast to the men you’ve mentioned. I’m sorry to know that you’ve only been exposed to men like this though.

    It’s true, men think about sex almost all the time but not all of us are obsessed with it. Not all of us yearn for “Trophies”. Not all of us are immature “Assholes”.

    I believe you’re just ranting so don’t worry, I’m not trying to contradict you here and tell you off or anything but just sharing what I know with you for your benefit. That is, if you’re willing to take them in 😉

    I have met women who worked as a sex worker. They shared their stories with me and I want you to know something as well- Not everyone have the luxury that most of us do in life.

    Some women were forced into being a sex-slave when they were young and somehow, they’ve either been brain-washed into thinking that’s the only work they can do because they have no other job skills;

    Or they get sucked into the world of “Easy money”. They’ve lost their “Temple”, there’s nothing left to lose anymore so since it brings lots of money anyway and it also gives them pleasure on some level, why not?

    If you actually speak to some of them and get to know them, you’d know that they are people like us too. It’s just that the opportunities given to us in life differed. Some of them have debts placed upon them which they need large sum of money to help pay it off. They’ll never be able to settle it if they took up the “Normal route” in life.

    Imagine you’re forced into sex work because if you don’t, there’s no way to settle a debt by parents from loan sharks, or some other unfortunate cases like illnesses- Medical fees for a loved one or etc.

    There are LOTS MORE reasons to list out but I’ll just use the above few to give you an idea.

    If given the choice, I’d say MOST of them (If not all) would love to have the luxury of choice and not have to lose what they’ve lost- Such as their Maidenhood. Naturally, there will be some outliers who’d still take up the sex-worker route even when given a choice but you get the point.

    I just want to say that You saying what you did is rather immature BUT that’s likely because your mind isn’t exactly stable due to your emotions being chemically riled up (Hence the ranting) and you’re still young and likely haven’t been exposed to such things in life yet so you wouldn’t know about them. Don’t worry too much though, all part of growing up.

    Anywho, I would give gifts and do nice things for my ex (Or future sweetheart lol) to make her feel special. Not because I want her body. Sure, it’ll be nice if we have some sexy time but it’s not necessary. Seeing her smile, laugh and enjoying our time together floods my brain with happy chemicals.

    As I’ve said, I’m not trying to get back at you for “Bashing” men but I just want you to know that it’s not respectful nor fair for us “Good” men when you put it like this. It’s kinda like a hate speech- Telling everyone all men are scum just because you’re hurt by one or a few “Bad” ones.
    What about your dad? Isn’t he a great man who respects women as well?

    It’s childish to behave like this BUT again, I understand because you’re a friend; And I’ve encountered such issue before and I’ve grown with the knowledge so I can accept things as I have a higher level of understand on the matter. Important thing is also to learn from your experience too.

    But not everyone is understanding, which I’m sure you know already.

    Worst part is your words can affect those who’ve already formed a bad impression on men and it might make them avoid being in a relationship with any men ever again which might prevent them from finding their future mr right. (Though I’ve heard of a case where a girl became a lesbian because of this and still ends up happier than ever but that’s another story for another day. Feel free to ask if you wanna know.)

    Let’s look at it in another angle.

    Imagine right now, you’re hurt and emotionally unstable. You hear another woman talking bad about a “Bad” man have hurt her deeply. It solidifies your impression that ALL MEN are bad because another woman or maybe a few more other women are talking about their bad experiences with such men.

    What’ll happen next? You might start bashing men with them or with others and start spreading the ideal that all men are bad.
    You might even start avoiding men because- Let’s talk facts now- Lots of the “Bad” men are douches that goes around doing the nonsense which you’ve mentioned.

    The good ones are likely taken or you just don’t see them in your radar because they don’t do such bullshit lol! Couple these facts with your encounters with other women who’ve been hurt by “Men”? You’ll be convinced that ALL MEN are horrible creatures. You’ll start noticing and focussing only on the “Bad” men on media too and we all know how powerful the media is- Further evidence for you to convince yourself of the “Fact” being real.

    That is, until you find one who proves you wrong. But with your mindset currently being set to “Avoid men, because all men are sex-driven barbarians who want nothing but sex”? Your chances of being in contact with a “Good” man will be lowered as you start treating them like they are assholes as well. That poor sod lol.

    I’m sure the ideal gentleman whom you want to have in your life is a man who will give you respect as well as demand such respect in return.
    Suppose that you hold onto your childish mindset that “All men are Dogs”, when you meet your ideal man, will you be able to give him the respect when all that’s going through your head is “Such man don’t exist. He is just acting” and you continuously act like a hooligan towards him because you want to put him (A man) in his place?

    Things might end up for the better for you somehow but let’s be honest here, the chances are against you. I’m sure you can tell.

    Now, imagine- Because of your words, other women who’ve went through the same thing developed this negative mindset and behavior towards ALL MEN as well. They’ll never be able to move on, or at least they’ll require A LOT MORE work to help them move on.

    Not saying it’s a 100% thing that it will happen but IT IS a possibility that your words can make that happen. You can’t deny that.

    Words are powerful tools, which can break or make someone. Couple that with the internet, you’ll be making or breaking by the masses. Don’t forget that 😉

    We are all human beings. When something really get to us, good or bad, we’ll need to express it somehow. I don’t blame you for ranting but just take note of what you say and be aware of it’s effects and be ready for any consequences which may come your way.

    What if a girl sees your post and confirms that in this world, indeed, there’s no good men and because of that- She decides that life isn’t worth living at all and commits suicide?
    If you don’t know her and she doesn’t say anything to you but just did it because your words convinced her of such “Reality”, you wouldn’t even know you’ve just taken someone’s life but it happened. A life is lost because of you.

    Let’s turn things up.

    What if she is actually a friend of yours? She died because you’ve helped her “Confirmed” that she will never find a decent man in her life and she doesn’t want to live in such “Reality”. It’s kinda far-fetched but I’m telling you, I’ve read such cases.

    There was a case where a man was being an ass to his lover for weeks, leading up to their anniversary to surprise her on their anniversary but guess what? The wife committed suicide because the ppl around her (Her friends) convinced her that her husband was committing adultery and she couldn’t take it.

    On their anniversary, before the wife took her own life, the husband revealed his plan to her but she refused to listen. Because of her friends’ “Proofs” and “Theories”, she was convinced that the anniversary gifts and dates are all to cover up for his “Misdeeds” so she shunned all his words of love as “Deceit” and “Fake” before killing herself.

    Just something for your knowledge. Anyway, Doreen, I know you’ve been hurt. Likely in ways I will never be able to understand fully because I’m a man lol but know that just because you’ve ate a bad apple from a basket, it doesn’t mean the whole basket of apples are bad. It might have some but if you dig deeper, you might find an extremely fresh one that’ll make your day.

    If you really can’t find any good ones in this basket? Instead of wasting time mourning over the fact that you’ve eaten a bad one, why not looking towards changing the basket now and start looking for another?

    You have to move on someday if you truly want to be happy in life again, you know its true so instead of allowing a bad apple to hold you back, try to get past it asap and move on. It’s easier said than done but as long as you are aware of it and are working towards it, all is well. Experiencing a loss is a part of life and it’s all about how we manage it and move on.

    Hell, it took me about 1-2 years to get over my ex so again, as long as you move on, don’t care how long it takes, just keep that goal in mind so that you can begin to live your life again asap. Don’t regret wasting your years away later all because of one jackass.

    Who knows, perhaps on the day when you’ve finally moved on, it’ll be the day when you meet your ideal man who’s gonna be your husband? If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want to get over the current guy who’ve hurt you? 😉

    Anyway, that’s all from me lol hope you’ve gained some new insights in life and definitely hope it helped made you feel better somehow. Again, if you ever feel like talking to anyone, our community is always open as well as my email.

    Talk to you again soon bud 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. eshinalidoreen Post author

      Thank you Benj for your words. You have totally made me see a different view on this and maybe I was talking mostly about what has happened to me not thinking outside the box about the other girl who might be going through what you have said. Yes, I was mostly ranting about it all. I admit that my basket has not been with the best apples and defineltly not the once that I wanted to keep but I said that ‘not all people are same’. I did not though expound on it. Yes, i have read a few stories too about the stories you’ve mentioned and it was really heart breaking to realize that people handle heartbreaks in different ways. I really want girls to know out there that ‘NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME’. They are definetly amazing men who will treat them differently.
      Your words have also made me think twice and I shouldn’t have ranted much instead I should have given an advice to the girls who went through what you stated.
      thank you so so much for your response on this post. I hope when someone reads it they will bother scrolling out to see your comment.
      And for sure I will raise this topic on the community tomorrow to see what the other would say on it!

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      1. Benjamin Ngiam

        Happy to know that I did hahaha. Am always glad to be of assist in making one’s life better somehow 🙂

        Don’t worry bud. We are all growing and learning in life together 😉

        Your choice of sharing this with the community is definitely something that’ll help contribute to everyone’s growth in life and I’m really glad to hear that you are going to share it there 🙂

        You are obviously an intelligent young woman with a big heart. Use these awesome points about you and make a difference with them. You have the potential to make a huge difference in a lot of ppl’s lives in future. Don’t forget that 😉

        Talk again bud. Stay strong and chirpy!

        Your pal,

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      2. eshinalidoreen Post author

        Appreciated Benj, so nice of you to say that to me. Thank you for your support too and thank you for taking your time to also change my views..
        See you tomorrow on the community.

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