She Likes To Pretend That She Knows About Tomorrow.

Everyday she wakes up, she’s thankful for being alive. For being healthy. For the fresher and crisper mornings. For you. And Every night she lays her head on her pillow, she prays for a good night sleep and hope for a better tomorrow with you.

She knows that tomorrow might not come but has faith that it will.  She hopes that the love between you and her will blossom each day. She covers all her problems for the day and closes her eyes.

You assume she’s happy because she braves a beautiful smile. You think she’s strong because she has no other alternative but to keep moving. You think she’s content because she never complains.

But, have you ever looked into her eyes? Maybe who she is- is written there. Her words. Her feelings. Her emotions that she can’t verbalize. You say you know her. You say you listen to her and say you know how she feels. Maybe you should think again.

She just lives with the moments. But awaits for tomorrow’s change-your change.

In response to today’s daily prompt- pretend




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