Life Before 25

Hello Bloggers! Pray you are well today.

They say do not count your chicks before they hatch but guess what! Am on the struggle of writing my own book. ‘Life Before 25’ will be a book based on short stories of my journey on life. From the day God brought me into this world to now, 25!

I know am not a professional but what the heck, if you can read, you can write. And if you can think, you can imagine and be creative. And just for being alive, you have a story to tell. So ‘thou I tell my story’th’  – sorry Shakespeare. 

It’s been a three month struggle but so far, so good. I always scribble a chapter each day in my journal. 

Wish me all the luck as I continue to write and going back to edit it. 


This is the cover page for now but it might change by the time am done. 

In response to today’s Daily prompt:  Daring



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