Mama Tell me the Truth….about Dating.

This topic was inspired by a clip I watched earlier today of Facebook. A kid runs to the house to tell her mum that she’s being bullied by boys outside, pointing fingers at them and the mother said, “baby they like you and they just don’t know how to say it”.

perfect-thingOf course this kid’s adolescent will be confused. She will grow up thinking that when a guy is mean to her, it’s an awkward way of masking his true feelings of infatuation. Now that is a white lie you should never tell your kids. Do not confuse your kids and fill their heads with misguided dating myths. Don’t feed them with deception for they will be defenseless in the dating game.

How can they protect themselves from despicable behavior if they believe it is actually admiration? We all know if a man is mean to you, he does not like you or if he used to like you and now he does not,he probably has a side chick. The man that wants you will show his admiration and will never send mixed messages. 


Mothers out there, protect your child. Tell them the truth. Use your experiences as a way to absolve them of any doubt as to how a man should treat a woman, so that they always value their worth. Deceiving them is the worst thing because it makes them coil in a cunning person’s hands. Remember knowledge is power; truth will always remain solid. 

As I adult I have realized that if you allow him to be mean to you while you treat him in a high regard then this behavior will continue. Yet, if you are equipped with the truth early on, you will be able to defend yourself and speak out. 

gilmore2See, sometimes through my broken heart scenarios, I call my mother to complain. She would say, “He loves you. Give him time.” I excuse her advice because she was never there when I was growing up. I only tell her because, she’s my mother and she is a good listener. But later I follow my instincts, which sometimes leads me back into his cunning hands. 


So mothers inform your daughters that they should stand up for themselves and inform the boys that their disrespect will no longer be tolerated and if they cannot show respect then they will be dismissed. I know it sounds harsh but boys need a taste of reality as well. They shouldn’t become men who disrespect women just because they have seen or heard through family, television or even how your man is treating you. Teach them that is doesn’t have to be that way. Show them by taking a step in your life, moving out or moving on from that disrespectful human.

keepBy arming your daughter with the truth, you will save her a lot of heartache and pain. The truth will inevitably set her free. Don’t just raise your daughter financially independent but also emotionally independent. We need more women strong in the mind, body, and soul.

How I wish my mother would have raised me with the truth! But I don’t regret, I learned the hard way and I will always tell my kids the truth, when God blesses me with some. 

In response to today’s Daily Prompt; Tree (Mother-Daughter Tree. Tell your daughter to tell her daughter to tell her daughter…..and roots will grow! 




3 thoughts on “Mama Tell me the Truth….about Dating.

  1. bexoxo

    I never thought about it that way. That when adults tell young girls when boys are picking on them, it means that they like them. Little do they know, its giving them complexes, and grow up thinking that abuse is okay. Thanks for sharing, as always! 🙂

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    1. eshinalidoreen Post author

      Thank you bexoxo. It’s so true… you know kids pick up anything you tell them or see and act towards them. Like I was watching another program of how a mum told her son that he was tired of how the step was treating her and then she said ‘we should get rid of him..’ just by that, the 15year old boy killed the step dad and he went to jail… it was one of those investigative channels… but he refused to tell the police that the mom was the one who wanted to get rid for her.. so you see, kids are delicate and what we tell them or show them can lead to problems….

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