You Said You Loved Me But You Destroyed Me.

On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright. We enjoyed each other, laughed and loved. You couldn’t get enough of me and vice versa. Then all of a sudden, this thing turned out so evil, and you took it to new extremes.

The fighting, arguing and cursing all day and night. The tug of war that you always win even when I’m right. Sometimes I think you do it just so you can walk out. Saying plenty things that you really don’t mean just to hurt me.

You think am afraid to lose you. No! The truth is, I cannot force love. I cannot force you to stay. I have been doing that for so long when clearly, you had plans of leaving anyways. I console myself with ‘at least,I tried.’ 

It will never make sense to me though, how can someone just stop loving you, how is that even possible. One day you mean the world to them, the next day BAM! The Love is gone. My mind still can’t grasp that

‘Keep in mind that you once met a girl who was willing to give you her all. No wait…She gave you her all.  She had dreams of being your wife one day. Have your kids one day. Travel the world with you. She had you in every picture she visioned of her future. So you know, such girls are rare.

The worst pain she feels is, you hold a special spot in her heart even though you broke it. And that terrifies her. But you taught her ‘that love only hurts when we give it to the wrong person, when we convince ourselves that we can make someone reciprocate our feelings.’

You have no excuse to say that she did not love you because she showed you that daily. She never did or said anything to hurt you even when you wronged her.

You just refused to choose her.’

I sincerely hope that one day you look back and remember us, and I hope on that day you feel every emotion that I felt when you decided to leave. I hope your heart aches like mine did, I hope you tear like I did, but most of all, I hope you regret ever letting me go just like that; because that was definitely not love. You do not destroy the people that you love.

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