Impact Of a Break Up.

[On her]

At night, 

Afraid of recurring nightmares,

Desperately at the dark ceiling she blankly stares.

Lost, nervous, appalled, dying,

Hours she spent dolefully crying.

In the morning, afraid to open her eyes,

She fears another day of grief and incessant cries.


[On Him]

Unaffected by their breakup’s storm,

He stepped onto a new platform.

Moving on he found someone else,

His each word, each action tells.

Was she so easy to forget?

Was she to him only a regret? 



In response to Yesterday’s Daily Prompt: Banned and for the Discover Weekly Challenge; Mixing Media



7 thoughts on “Impact Of a Break Up.

  1. Nice poem but I wouldn’t really generalise that men are unaffected by breakups. I know I’ve been left heartbroken previously & have male friends who have similarly been left devastated after relationships ended. Is this just about one particular guy rather than a comment on guys in general?

    I’ve written a number of poems on my own site related to heartache and the end of relationships. For example, “Resurrection of the Heart” & “The Tin Man”.

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