Second Thoughts!


Nobody ever told me that the world would hurt,

and that the pain would sting. 

Nobody ever told me that it was gonna be hard

because every step I have taken for 25 years

each step had it’s own struggles, challenges and pain.

Yes, I have felt happiness, love and had fun,

But how I wish these days would last more. 

How I wish someone would switch off the ‘pain’ part in their life. 

Life would be easier!

Don’t you think so?

But then again, 

We have to feel every guilt, 

every struggle,

every pain,

every emotion,

Because these are the things that make us stronger. 

Things that keep us going. 

Good and Evil,

Right and Wrong,

He created us with the ability to choose,

So choose what will hold your future. 

It’s your life anyways.

In response to Yesterday’s Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts




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