We Need To Stop Seeing Breakups As Bad Things.

“Its supposed to hurt that’s when you know it meant something”.

We’ve all been there. The point of no return. The piling of questions without answers.

“Why did they break my heart?”

“I thought we were meant for each other.”

“No one will ever love me the same way again.”

Well, guess what? Someone will. 

We need to stop seeing breakups as bad things. They’re the end to a relationship that wasn’t meant to be, whether we know it at the time or not. They’re an opportunity to start anew, a chance to find someone better for us and most importantly, an opportunity to find ourselves. 

Every relationship, both good and bad, has wisdom and insight to offer us.A breakup gives us the chance to explore what we really want, and to find out what we don’t.

Sure, breakups really do hurt, but after a while, that pain and heartbreak unknowingly melts away. We need heartbreak. Without the pain of a lost or broken love, we do not appreciate true love when we find it. 

Even more importantly, the pain is proof. Proof that it meant something, Proof that that person wasn’t a wast of your time. 

They may not have been right for you, but they taught you something. Whether it was teaching you how to salsa or the life lesson to never date a cheater again, there is always something gained from a relationship. 

Heartbreak comes and goes, but the memories and the wisdom gained from our past relationships last a lifetime. It may be hard to believe, but I think it’s worth the tradeoff. 

The purpose behind my blog hashtags in every post. #LiveandLearn.  No regrets in life just lessons learned.






11 thoughts on “We Need To Stop Seeing Breakups As Bad Things.

  1. spicepinkie

    I never saw a breakup as a bad thing. I was 18 years old when my heart got broken and after a few I have been lucky to say ” thank you for breaking up” . I have been pretty much single from 18 to 35 years old. My stories only lasted 3 months at the most…
    I learnt from each breakup, I learnt how to travel solo and I still travel the world, I learnt what to do after a breakup and how to deal with the grieving stages…. I have been blessed for each break up 🙂

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  2. spicepinkie

    Hi @eshinalidoreen , I went back to March 2016 in which I wrote 2 posts about a break up and the grieving stages. I copied the link and hopefully u can see it. I have been trough so many break ups that to me a break up became normal. I am not afraid of losing someone because as I said, since I was 18 I learnt how to be single and happy . After that particular breakup at the age 18…. I went traveling for 3 months, I went to study in Scotland for a year and did the University in Rome , Italy. That breakup changed my mind about relationship and anytime a break up occur I know what to do…crying etc…I know what to expect 🙂
    In May 2016 I met my current boyfriend and this is the longest relationship I have ever had. I always tell him that I do not need him but I want him , however if I do not like thing…I will leave. Breakups teach u how to grow up, handling the pain and take care of yourself . Still today I am blessed for that breakup in 1998 🙂

    March 2016 – lifeinthesky2015

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  3. TheOriginalPhoenix

    WHOO! No regrets! I like to see my breakup as my soul sister as my acknowledgement that I deserve someone who will stay and they’ll come when they come.

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  4. sofiedotb

    My now exboyfriend broke up with me almost four months ago now as he went off to university.
    Yes he broke my heart but reading this makes me realise I know that it happened for a reason and that it’ll give me the upper hand in the future. I have days where I miss him and days where the feeling of heartbreak fades away. I guess I am more worried about whether he is hurting as much as me even though he ended it, but I need to keep remind myself what he is feeling, about me and other things is not what I should be worrying about and thus I should be more worried about me and focus on that. Thank you so much for highlighting it.

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