Okay! first, dickmatized is when a woman is mesmerized by a man’s great sex and can’t see past the penis.


Dick, so bomb

It has to be, to make all these crazy females run after he. To make it hard for a girl to realize that she is an amazing being who doesn’t need a male for her to be all irrational, acting crazy. 

Dick must be bomb.

It has to be, to have you late night stressing because he missed a text. He has you thinking about who will be next, because he playing too much games with the opposite sex. He plays you for a fool, with the pool of women you know he be in. 

Dick got more games than a PlayStation…LOL!

You’re just patient unwilling to know what kind of love you deserve. You rather be swerved by a nigga who’s unnerved, who doesn’t show you all the love you deserve. You don’t even care as long as you in a salon getting your weave sewn and your nails filed on. 

Maybe that’s how you always got a smile painted on, and maybe once a week he’ll dick you down like he suppose to have you speaking foreign if he has to.

And all is good until it’s movie night at your house and it’s 3a.m and his phone rings off the hook, it’s probably one of his side chicks. You don’t care as long as you’re the main chick, the one he spends most of his time with…

One day you’ll see you wasted your time……



Ladies, don’t forget that even though you may be under the spell of the BEST DICK IN YOUR LIFE, remember that you do have something more powerful between your thighs. Don’t let being dickmatized make you into a sucker (No pun intended). Get yourself together and see what’s going on, is it worth it?

In response to Today’s Daily Prompt: Anticipation


16 thoughts on “Dickmatized

  1. It’s all true… That’s because they heartless. They don’t feel a thing and certainly not you. How can they give When it takes love for a heart to live …
    They say I love you today maybe tomorrow not forever so it’s now or never … Say FOREVER… FOREVER IS FOREVER AS FOREVER IS WITH ME
    CAUSE IF IT’S NOT FOREVER IT’S NOT WHAT I NEED … That’s a portion of what I wrote and I how it should be. If you love someone love them FOREVER!!! Not just for pleasure

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