Tell us about your Holidays.

Hey people! How are you?

First, Happy new year to those reading this post. These holidays passed really quickly ! Well my question is: How?

I left  Nairobi town on the 22nd at 8:00pm, traveling to my mother’s hometown Shianda. First let me detail you about Shianda town. It’s not the busiest or nicest place you would want to spend your Holidays but it’s where I was born and where my mother lives. It’s more of a village life, but the most important thing was to spend it with my mother.

I arrived to my destination at about 5:00am on 23rd. I was welcomed with joy and excitement because I never go there as often. So I am always missed. You should have seen the smiles on my siblings faces. Unbelievable! They always know when Doreen comes home, she’s got nice things for us.

I slept most of the day on the 23rd because I was pretty tired from a 8 hours drive. 

On 24th, we went to Shianda town with my mum to buy food for Christmas. Well, we did buy a lot of goods. People in Shianda town spend their Christmas Holidays differently. My mum and my siblings did not have a clue about a Christmas tree. So I had to force one in the house. I asked one of my elder cousins to look for cypress tree and chop a branch down so that I can teach them the way Christmas is done in the big cities. It turned out to be the worst Christmas tree I had ever seen, but it was worth the try. Everyone was happy. I also tried to decorate the house with a few decorations I bought in Nairobi before I traveled.

In the evening of the 24th, I went to visit my favorite ‘Kukhu’ (grand mother). She doesn‘t live far from my mother’s house. Its a walking distance. Most of my siblings don‘t visit her often but when I decided to go, they all wanted to come with me. My ‘Kukhu’ always thanks me for that. She gave chicken, alive one to ‘chinja’ (slaughter) on Christmas day, groundnuts, and matoke, a whole bunch (unripe bananas for cooking). I also gave her my Christmas present that I bought for her. She was happy but she prefers money than anything else, so I did chop my money for her.

On the 25th, the first thing was to go to church. Of course, as a family, we all went to give God a big thank you for just being alive and healthy. Since am never around, the pastor called me to the front to introduce myself. Most of the people in Shianda have trouble understanding ‘English and even Kiswahili’ because they are used to speaking in mother tongue, so as I spoke in Swahili, the pastor translated to mother tongue….then we were done!

On Christmas night, we ate my ‘Kukhu’s chicken and rice with juice for dinner then after that, I gave the little presents I had bought from Nairobi to my siblings and my mother. Once again, the joy and laughter on their faces was unbelievable. I received lots of ‘thank yous, hugs and ‘Doreen is the best sister ever’ comments. Yikes! Am even tearing remembering that night. After that, I allowed the kids to watch movies on my laptop as my cousin, his friends and I built a bonfire outside and drunk while storytelling. I remember the sky was beautiful that day, lots of stars and the moon did shine right.

On 26th, I woke up with a hangover but not a bad one. On this day, I just spent with family. Visiting more relatives and some of my sister’s schoolmates came over to visit on the 27th and 28th. They stay close by. I gave them advice of their boyfriend issues and life issues when they asked. So so so many issues they had for young girl’s in school. but I understood because female children are the most disadvantaged people in the Shianda village society, as they are expected to be house-woman or to look for any kind of employment to get money to support their families. So I try to advice where I can. I loved sitting down with them under a tree and talk them through life, even though am still experiencing the hard ships of life. They were so eager to share their stories with the town girl…they are convinced that the town girl has more experience and has it all together.

The truth is, yes I do have experience but sometimes, I don‘t got it all. I just did not tell them that.

On 29th, spent it with aunties and uncles who came to visit me at my mum’s house. On 30th, my cousins and I went for swimming at Kakamega Golf Hotel. Kakamega town is Ksh 100/= from Shianda, a 45 minute drive. It was fun! Got drunk there too.

On 31st, we went for lunch at my grandmother’s house. Ate so much then came back to my mum’s in the evening. One of my cousins got into a motorcycle accident when coming from his escapades at around 8pm. He messed up his knee but he can still walk, limping though. We thanked God that it wasn’t that serious. We still crossed to the new year with joy and laughter, drinking. We stayed up late by the bonfire again and waited for midnight to celebrate the new year.

I traveled back to Nairobi last night.

Now I want you to tell me YOUR holidays, just few words or if you want even a long text (LOL).

Bye guys! 



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