Who wrote the book on goodbye?

“Who wrote the book on goodbye? It’s never been a way to make things easy…..either your head or your heart, you set the other on fire ” – LAUV

I mostly say goodbye when I don’t really mean it then come crawling back a week later when I can’t stand the silence anymore. I never say a complete goodbye. I can’t let go of the past that easily. No matter how bad it was. I know this about myself for sure. This mostly happens when it comes to the L.O.V.E

Anyone who has the same disease?

Well, here is my own of realization…..

The more you keep holding on, the more you destroy yourself because you expect something from someone who might have already let go. You need to let go of what you thought the relationship SHOULD have been like….because it didn’t end up that way…that’s not going to ever happen, so you need to let it go and stop thinking about it. You need to decide that you saying goodbye. It’s not enough to just think in your head, ‘okay this is over, time to move on’ but you have to actively work and work and work on saying goodbye. You need to say goodbye for you and not for him. You need to decide that the relationship is completely 100% over. And not just on his end but on your end too.

It’s actually rather comical that this realization came so close to the new year. And at the end of the year which sucked the life out of me. (2016 can go suck it). but hey, you need to decide…today…if not today, when you are ready. You need to officially turn the page on a chapter of your life and realize that you live this life just for you. This is what happens when you’re in your early twenties. People come and go as they please. People are selfish in a world I’m trying to be selfless. So it’s time for me to be selfish too and say goodbye to all that happened in 2016 for my own health and well being.

sometimes you have to go trade your heart for bones to know (My favorite quote this year!)


Listen to this two song please – LAUV!






13 thoughts on “Who wrote the book on goodbye?

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix

    I know a lot of people can’t say goodbye so easily, maybe it’s because I’m impulsive, but I don’t struggle with it quite as much. Now does that mean I’m perfectly OK afterwards? No….it’s very difficult and painful. But I know when to let something or someone go.

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  2. girlieluvsya

    It’s so much easier said than done! I think for the first time, I’m making a conscious effort to practice my goodbyes. I’m a natural fixer… I tend to want to fix the problem and convince people of their wrong choices. Not this time. It takes so much out of you!

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  3. sayemi13gmail

    i can so relate to your post…for me it’s like a deja vu…i am in the same phase of my life…i have ended things up so many times…but it didn’t happen the way it has to..i have detach myself from so many people in my past…but not able to detach myself from this person coz i think he needs help…even i want to leave him…i just cnt…

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    1. eshinalidoreen Post author

      I do get you.. I totally do and sometimes we wonder why it’s like that you know!
      But I guess when the right time comes and you have to leave, trust me i know you will.. it will hurt help too deep by it will hurt alot…


      1. eshinalidoreen Post author

        No..it’s not that easy.. I know I know!! But hey, if you care so much about other people, you won’t have enough care for you.. especially if the person is also not caring for you, you are hurting yourself dear.. if that’s the case..

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      2. eshinalidoreen Post author

        Sweety, trust me. Someone does the same thing to me.. yes I wrote that post because that realization came to me.. what they are doing is holding you by the of your t-shirt at the back… as in you want to leave but his still torturing your feelings and mind and the worst thing is that, that’s phone call or texts are hard to ignore.. I get you!! But it’s up to you…


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